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Santa Monica Vikings lacrosse attack Eric Lind makes a move to score a goal against the Oceanside United club team at home Saturday afternoon.  Lind leads the Vikings with 46 goals for the season.

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Santa Monica Lacrosse Fights To Enter World Of CIF Sports

Posted Apr. 23, 2013, 3:07 pm

Lacrosse, the game of sticks that looks like a bunch of football players in half-pads and helmets racing around on a grassy field in an attempt to score goals, has become a popular club sport in Santa Monica in recent years and at Samohi. The Santa Monica Vikings club team recently defeated Oceanside United 16-6 at Samohi Saturday afternoon. With the win the Santa Monica Vikings are the number one seed in Southern California and breezing through their second consecutive winning season with the added consequence of filling up the grandstands and entertaining spectators eager to root on the club sport. So with all this excitement around Santa Monica lacrosse, the question that begs to be asked is; why aren't the Vikings more then a club team and not a part of the gamut of CIF sports programs offered to students at Samohi?

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