Mart Collective Connects Antique Sellers To Buyers

Thursday, 20 Mar 2014, 8:22:00 AM

Corina Mun

Mart Collective Co-owner Anthony Hudson.
Courtesy photo
Mart Collective Co-owner Anthony Hudson.

Selling a set of pendant lights that once hung in Elizabeth Taylor’s tennis courts seems to be a typical Thursday workplace task for Anthony Hudson, who interacts with fascinating artifacts on a daily basis.

What started out as a simple interest in antiques ultimately resulted in years of ownership of antique marts for Hudson and Robin Messick, who opened up shop in Venice last August as co-owners of the Mart Collective.

The pair are no strangers to this industry – they previously managed the Wertz Brothers Antique Mart that closed in Santa Monica last February.

The Mart Collective boasts a wide-open, expansive space – 16,000 square feet to be exact – for customers to meander and explore as they shop. In this way, a unique discovery element is included in the shopping experience, making the Mart Collective seem like a museum of antiques.

Chandeliers hang glimmer, costume jewelry fill up glass cases, and books take up almost the entirety of some walls.

Its skylights and high ceilings add to the enormity of the store. The Mart Collective doubles as a maze with the seemingly endless assortment of antiques available for purchase.

From personal artwork to vintage antiques, dealers who are interested in utilizing the Mart Collective as a seller space can come in-person to the shop to situate their own displays and manage their own prices. Dealers can choose to place their merchandise on shelves, cases, and booths, depending on the size and type of product.

The Mart Collective acts as a sort of middleman between antique seller and buyer, as the store provides ample, compartmentalized spaces for dealers to set up their supplies and show off their goods in a presentable, appealing way.

Currently, the Mart Collective houses the antiques of about 80 different dealers, with room for 40 more before it reaches its full capacity. With this abundance of antique dealers comes a wide selection of supplies, from apparel to furniture. Shoppers can find everything from typewriters to telephones to even a world-famous British actress’ tennis court lights.

The Mart Collective also caters to a diverse audience with its versatility and affordability.

Customers range from older clientele who step in looking for traditional vintage products, to younger enthusiasts like reality TV star Whitney Port, who Hudson says “has a great eye for art.”

The Venice location makes for a convenient spot for walk-in traffic, as well as a point of interest for those en route to or on the way back from LAX.

The outside of the shop makes for an eye-catching stop-by point of interest with its creative window displays personally set up by the owners and staff members themselves. The small staff consists of about 10 friendly, approachable people who are ready to assist in your vintage shopping. There is free parking available behind the store.

The Mart Collective is located at 1600 Lincoln Boulevard in Venice. Its business hours are 10 am to 6 pm Mondays through Saturdays 
and 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays. For more information, call 310.450.5142 or visit

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