Bomb Squad Responds To Santa Monica Residence To Find Pipe Device Full Of Weed

Thursday, 13 Mar 2014, 10:01:00 AM

Tim Broughton

The Los Angeles County Bomb Squad responded to a Santa Monica residence on Monday, March 10 after police officers came across what looked like a possible pipe bomb, but later found it was only a pipe concealing marijuana.

Officers of the Santa Monica Police Department went to a residence in the 1400 block of 17th Street at 6:30 pm Monday in response to a report of an intoxicated man holding a rifle.

The officers learned from the call that a neighbor had reported that she had seen one of her neighbor’s activating the lever on a rifle in the courtyard of their complex, and that at one point he pointed it in her direction while she was standing in the courtyard.

The neighbor believed the subject pointed the rifle at her on purpose.

When the officers arrived they discovered that the suspected rifleman was sitting on the front porch of the building, so they detained him.

The officers questioned this man and he admitted that he had been playing with his weapon, but said that it was just a BB gun.

The officers checked and confirmed that it was in fact a BB gun.

The officers also discovered that this BB gunman was very, very intoxicated so they arrested him for public intoxication.

The officers scanned the area and noticed what they thought to be a pipe bomb in the courtyard of the building so they called the Los Angeles County Bomb Squad so that they could investigate.

The Los Angeles County Bomb Squad determined that although it looked like a pipe bomb it was not, however upon unscrewing one of the end caps from the pipe they found that it contained marijuana.

This 54-year-old Santa Monica resident was charged with public intoxication and bail was set at $250.

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