Yo San University Celebrates 25 Years Of Ancient Wisdom

Thursday, 6 Mar 2014, 9:32:00 AM

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Brothers Dr. Mao Shing Ni and Dr. Daoshing Ni founded Yo San University 25 years ago.
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Brothers Dr. Mao Shing Ni and Dr. Daoshing Ni founded Yo San University 25 years ago.

By Joslyn Williams

Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is celebrating 25

years of ancient wisdom, family legacy, and modern medicine. 

The University was founded by brothers, Dr. Daoshing Ni and Dr. Mao

Shing Ni, who come from an uninterrupted line of 38 generations of

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

When they founded Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

the brothers said they made a pledge to pass on the teachings of their

father, grandfather, and ancient teachings of Chinese Medicine to future

generations – to provide you with a place of learning based on the

guiding principles of Taoism, where you may explore your own spiritual

growth as an integral part of learning the healing arts.

Dr. Mao and Dr. Dao maintain a busy practice in Santa Monica (the Tao

of Wellness) and continue as faculty members and members of the Board

of Trustees of the University.

One of the distinguishing qualities of Yo San University is that its

master’s program graduates consistently achieve the highest pass rate on

the California Acupuncture Examination.

The four-year master’s degree program leads to eligibility for taking the California Acupuncture Licensure Exam.

Upon passing that exam graduates may practice Traditional Chinese

Medicine independently. The Doctoral program is a two-year advanced

specialty program for current practitioners offering two unique

specialties – Reproductive Medicine and Healthy Aging/Longevity. Both

programs emphasize integrative medicine, so that graduates are prepared

for working collaboratively with Western health care professionals.

In California acupuncturists are considered to be primary care

providers, and Yo San University graduates are frequently the preferred

healthcare providers of individuals who are aware of the benefits of the

time-tested techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Both the Master’s and Doctoral programs are quality and rigorous

courses of study including intensive face-to-face didactic and carefully

supervised clinical experiences. Both programs are fully accredited.

Yo San University also operates an on-campus Community Clinic located

in the Venice/Marina del Rey area at 13315 W. Washington Boulevard, Los

Angeles 90066.

It offers more than 21,000 low cost treatments each year. Clinical

services are also rendered free-of-cost at six externship sites in the

community including: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Venice Family

Clinic, WISE & Healthy Aging in Santa Monica, Visions Adolescent

Treatment Center in Brentwood, Virginia House Care Center in Tarzana and

Being Alive in West Hollywood.   

Community education regarding the benefits of complementary medicine is another high priority goal of Yo San University.  

One of the ways that the University accomplishes that goal is through

its annual conferral of the Robert Graham Visionary Award to an

outstanding high profile individual who has made significant

contributions to humanity, and who is also an advocate for Traditional

Chinese Medicine. 

Named for the late international sculptor and spouse of actress

Anjelica Huston, the award is presented at the University’s annual gala

fund raising event.  Recent recipients of the award have been Danny

DeVito and Rhea Perlman (2009), Sela Ward (2011), Robert Downey, Jr.

(2012) and Debbie Allen (2013).  

Yo San University indeed is a place where creativity, constructive

learning, and positive qi are cultivated. With a perspective of

facilitating harmony and balance students learn a full range of

Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to restore wellness to others.

For more information, visit www.yosan.edu.

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