AZ Shores Unit Complex Responds To Tenant Harassment Agreement

Wednesday, 5 Mar 2014, 9:38:00 AM

Staff Report

The Santa Monica City Attorney has obtained a 10-year agreement to resolve harassment complaints at 1305 Second Street in Santa Monica.
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The Santa Monica City Attorney has obtained a 10-year agreement to resolve harassment complaints at 1305 Second Street in Santa Monica.

Editor's Note: This is a response from AZ Shores regarding

Tuesday's announcement from the Santa Monica City Attorney's Office,

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA), and law firm of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher regarding a tenant harassment settlement at the 49-unit complex located at 1305 2nd Street in Santa Monica.

Wilshire Skyline is a family-run business that manages apartment buildings.

Wilshire Skyline prides itself on providing high quality property

management services and has done so to the satisfaction of tenants for

approximately 40 years.

Wilshire Skyline began managing AZ Shores, a historic apartment

building in Downtown Santa Monica, upon acquisition of the property by

related entities on October 30, 2012.

The property required some updating to improve its condition,

including repairs from a major fire. Additionally, new laundry

facilities were installed, a security system was put in place to protect

tenants and various upgrades have been made to individual units at the


Despite Wilshire Skyline’s best intentions, four tenants expressed

concerns about Wilshire Skyline’s efforts and actions during these first

few months.

It was never Wilshire Skyline’s intent to inconvenience these tenants

or otherwise give them the impression that they are not welcome to stay

in their homes.

To the contrary, Wilshire Skyline was attempting to improve conditions at a building which had not been upgraded in many years.

Wilshire Skyline was also attempting to institute a more professional property management structure.

While Wilshire Skyline denies all of the allegations made by these

four tenants, it voluntarily elected to work cooperatively with the City

Attorney’s office, LAFLA and Gibson Dunn in order to reach an amicable


While Wilshire Skyline’s confident it would have prevailed in any

legal action commenced by the City, LAFLA and/or Gibson Dunn, settlement

was more prudent from a business standpoint than potential protracted

and expensive litigation could have been.

Finally and most importantly, Wilshire Skyline has enjoyed working

with the City, LAFLA and Gibson Dunn in a cooperative manner to

establish a set of procedures to accommodate the needs of the tenants of

the building. Wilshire Skyline appreciates the professionalism of the

City Attorney’s office, Legal Aid and Gibson Dunn in amicably resolving

this matter and looks forward to continuing to work with these parties

in the future.

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