AZ Shores Unit Complex Agrees To Tenant Harassment Agreement

Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014, 9:17:00 AM

Brenton Garen

The Santa Monica City Attorney has obtained a 10-year agreement to resolve harassment complaints at 1305 Second Street in Santa Monica.
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The Santa Monica City Attorney has obtained a 10-year agreement to resolve harassment complaints at 1305 Second Street in Santa Monica.

A settlement agreement has been finalized between the Santa Monica

City Attorney's Office and the owners and managers of AZ Shores at

1305 2nd Street in Santa Monica after tenants at the 49 unit complex

filed harassment and privacy complaints.


City Attorney’s office, the City’s Housing Division, Legal Aid

Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA), and the law firm of Gibson Dunn

& Crutcher spent several months

investigating the complaints and working out an agreement with

the property's management company Wilshire Skyline, Inc.

The agreement resolves harassment and privacy complaints filed by several tenants from AZ Shores.

The tenants’ complaints included:

· Harassment and discrimination against Section 8 tenants.

· Failure to accommodate tenants with disabilities.

· Invasion of tenants’ privacy through security cameras.

· Unfair guest policies.

· Commission to managers who persuaded tenants to vacate.

Under the agreement, the management company, Wilshire Skyline, Inc., along with the property owners, agreed to the following:

· Fair Housing: Adoption of a written policy prohibiting

discrimination, fair housing training, record keeping, notices to City

regarding Section 8 tenants, and parking restored for disabled tenants.

· Tenant Harassment: Adoption of written tenant harassment policy and

training. Enhanced penalties ($2,500 instead of $1,000) for the owners’

future violations of Santa Monica’s Tenant Harassment law.

· Reasonable accommodation procedures for Tenants with Disabilities:

Adoption of a written procedure. Access for social workers improved. 

Parking spaces for disabled tenants were restored.

· Privacy: Adoption of new guest policy clarifying tenants’ rights to

have guests, access for the City to review use of security cameras,

adjustment to the cameras’ line of view to protect privacy, and adoption

of policy on limitations of the uses for the security cameras.

· Processing repair requests: Adoption of a written policy and

procedure for tenants who need repairs. The policy includes forms,

improved response times, and contact information in the event of an


· Unfair business practices: Prohibition of commissions to employees

who persuade tenants to leave, give up their parking spaces, or have

vehicles towed. Enhanced relocation notices giving tenants more time to

seek legal advice.

· Bed bug remediation: Adoption of clear instructions and written

offers for tenants regarding remediation, use of contractors registered

with EPA, and notice for tenants with disabilities who may need more

help with moving during remediation.

Santa Monica Deputy City Attorney

Gary Rhoades said this was a great result for the tenants.

“It covers nearly all aspects of their tenancy," Rhoades said. "And we

believe the privacy terms dealing with security cameras and guests are

the first of their kind in the City and probably the county.”

Rhoades said the owners and manager entered into the agreement as a compromise and without admitting liability, fault, or guilt.


their credit, the owners and managers began cooperating with us when

they learned of the complaints,” Rhoades said.  “And so this agreement

reflects a great deal of collaborative work by all the parties."

The City Attorney’s Office, along with LAFLA, will continue to monitor the agreement for a period of 10 years.

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