Celebrity Photographer Reminisces On Career After Relocating Back To Westside

Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014, 8:55:00 AM

Jynarra Brinson

Actor Richard Dreyfuss (left) and celebrity photographer Frank Capri, who recently relocated back to the Westside.
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Actor Richard Dreyfuss (left) and celebrity photographer Frank Capri, who recently relocated back to the Westside.

Celebrity photographer Frank Capri has returned to Los Angeles’

Westside with a resume that grows evermore impressive and an internship

program he wished were available to him during the infancy of his


Born in Washington, D.C., Capri continuously felt an affinity toward

East Coast dwellings, evident in his Miami stint as set press

photographer for the iconic 80s cop drama, “Miami Vice,” for which he

received the key to the City of Miami Beach. But one of his earliest

residences was the historic site, formerly The Embassy Hotel Residences

on Washington and 3rd Monica. Capri lived at the Embassy for a year

before moving to New York where he lived on the same city block as The

Empire State Building.

“It doesn’t get anymore quintessential New York than that,” Capri quipped.

He was seated at a table in his studio, a lush carpeted condo

apartment near San Vicente and Wilshire Boulevard. His walls lined with

recognizable images of celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Glenn

Close, Laurence Fishburne, and astronaut Neil Armstrong. Capri

reminisced over a career that began decades ago and presently, a career

that continues in varied mediums.

Although known for his photography, Capri is also an author,

filmmaker, futurist, and cosmologist. He said cosmology and photography

were sources of solace during a childhood in a family he described as


“Photography was therapeutic,” the veteran celebrity photographer

shared. “I came from a rough family and had to turn inward. I had to

develop strong inner strength.”

That strength bred studiousness; in college he studied pre-med for a

year and later earned a Masters degree in Social Psychology.

Capri said pursuing photography felt like a natural direction, but

what he lacked he said, was business awareness, an aspect he aims to

instill in his interns.

“I made a pledge to myself,” he said. “When I make it I am going to

have an internship program to help people like I would have liked to be


Capri believes helping others is vital, but he is not a proponent of total self-sacrifice.

“When you’re helping others you help yourself,” he said.

His internship program includes photography as well as marketing and

public relations, film, and writing. Most of his current interns are

enrolled at The Art Institute in Santa Monica.

“I started it 20 years ago as a service for aspiring photographers,

writers, and filmmakers. But after implementing it, I found that I was

the one who gained the most due to the personal satisfaction. The

interns became like family!”

Capri believes positive thinking and determination is a recipe for success, and that adversities can be advantages.

“Believe the dream and make it happen,” Capri said. “Some people talk

the dream but leave the escape door open. Before you know it they are

rationalizing their way out of the dream.”

Capri believes putting yourself on the path toward your dreams is only the beginning, the bare necessity.

“You don’t want to look back with regrets. I feel part of my job is

to nurture the interns. They are conditioned to recite their resume.

Many of them have never asked themselves, ‘what do I really have the

passion for.’”

Capri himself has never neglected his numerous passions: he authored a

book with his father, and he has three books in development. Currently

he is in production for his documentary “I Refuse to Kill,” a story

about brave and principled conscientious objectors and nonviolent

activists. Capri himself was a conscientious objector whose case was

settled in 1971.

Visit frankcapri.squarespace.com

or email him at frankcapriproductions@gmail.com to find out

more about his internship program and forthcoming projects.

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