Cirque Sponsors Free Santa Monica Pier Aquarium Entry This Saturday, Jan. 18

Friday, 17 Jan 2014, 10:43:00 AM

Corina Mun

Cirque de Soleil is sponsoring free admission to all visitors this Saturday from 12:30 pm to 5 pm at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium for the launch of a new exhibit.
Photo by Corina Mun
Cirque de Soleil is sponsoring free admission to all visitors this Saturday from 12:30 pm to 5 pm at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium for the launch of a new exhibit.

The gigantic, eye-catching blue and yellow tents adjacent to the

Santa Monica Pier for tonight’s debut of Cirque de Soleil’s “Totem”

stand boldly and have caught the eye of many a passerby.

In light of Cirque de Soleil’s new home in the parking lot north of

the pier through March 16, a philanthropic partnership has budded

between the world-famous entertainment company and the Santa Monica Pier

Aquarium. Alongside this new partnership are coming a variety of

benefits to offer to the surrounding community.

This Saturday, Jan. 18 the Pier Aquarium will reveal a brand new exhibit in one of its remodeled rooms.

The Watershed Exhibit, located in the newly renovated Dorothy Green

Room, will boast two sections of live animals as well as interactive

activities in order to engage visitors with the realities of marine


In fact, one of the exhibit’s components includes an exploration of

how human activity affects the ocean. This aligns with the goals of Heal

the Bay, the non-profit environmental organization that acquired the

Pier Aquarium in 2003 and seeks to promote the safety and cleanliness of

Southern California beaches through education and awareness.

To celebrate this unveiling, Cirque de Soleil is courteously

sponsoring the grand opening and offering free admission to all visitors

during the aquarium’s hours from 12:30 pm to 5 pm this Saturday.

In the month of February, the partnership between the Pier Aquarium

and Cirque de Soleil will gift to the community free admission on

Fridays. And to further educate the public about the relationship

between man and marine life, Cirque will be sponsoring five educational

field trips to the Aquarium to local, low-income schools.

Students from these schools will likely have very little experience

with the ocean, therefore making for fertile teaching grounds. With

education and awareness as two significant components of this

partnership, locals should take no hesitation in taking advantage of the

free admission dates and learning a little more about the titanic body

of water they reside so close to.

In lieu of these several upcoming events, Cirque performers visited

the Aquarium’s Watershed Exhibit on Tuesday, exploring the exhibit,

interacting with marine life, and witnessing firsthand a huge part of

what characterizes Santa Monica: the beach environment.

Remaining in character and decked out in colorful, elaborate

costumes, the Cirque performers were able to take a breather from their

strenuous training. They graciously sacrificed some of their precious

time and playfully struck some poses in the Aquarium for the press in

order to represent the collaboration between the renowned circus arts

company and the beachside city they are now calling home for the next

two months.

Needless to say, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful

relationship. It’s a smart, valuable, and of course very gracious move

for Cirque to invest in the places that they are touring in –

fortunately, this partnership will be able to benefit both the

surrounding community as well as the Cirque performers and producers,

who can hopefully forge a true and lasting relationship with the places

they visit and people they perform for.

The aquarium is located a 1600 Ocean Front Walk, underneath the Pier Bridge.

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