My Wellness Resolution Week 1: Las Vegas

Thursday, 16 Jan 2014, 7:31:00 AM

Barbara Bishop

The MGM Grand’s “Wellness Wing.”
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The MGM Grand’s “Wellness Wing.”


I am sitting in my hotel room in Las Vegas. In the Wellness Wing of the MGM

Grand. I did not specifically ask to stay in this wing. Didn’t even know they

had it. The universe comes through for me – again!


was a little worried about going to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show

with all the smoke, heavy drinking, eating, and partying. Instead, I walked at

least five miles from the parking lot to my hotel room this afternoon, had a

salad for lunch, and now here I am sitting in my room, ready for bed at 9:30 pm

in the “Wellness Wing.” Awesome.


In Vegas? Yup. Really.


in a Wellness Room? In conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Deepak

Chopra, healthy elements of my room include a Vitamin C-infused shower, a Dawn

Simulator Alarm Clock,  an

aromatherapy diffuser, and air purification system, energizing lighting,

hypoallergenic bedding, and last but not least a Dr. Deepak Chopra Welcome TV

Channel and access to the Cleveland Clinic.  



I took a shower, Vitamin C flowed through a cartridge above the

showerhead.  Why? Because “the

powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin C leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.”

I need all the rejuvenation I can get. Gotta get one for my home shower.  Maybe the Sharper Image will come out

with a home version. They always do.


the heck is a “Dawn Simulator Clock?” 


provides guests with the ability to be gently awakened by a dawn simulator,

which uses increasing levels of music or natural sound, coupled with a

gradually increasing light.” Way too woo-woo for me. A good old-fashioned hotel

wake-up call is all I need. 


turned off the Aromatherapy diffuser after it gave me a headache. Too much

scent for me.


air purification system “removes dust, mites, pollen, smoke. and other harmful

particles from the air.” Good idea. I wonder what kind of crap I breathed in

when I stayed in Vegas before air purifiers. Eeww.


fell asleep before I got to tune into the Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Welcome Channel.

They say that “his message provides wisdom and insight into being well.” Gotta

watch that before my 30-minute Naam meditation tonight. Every little bit helps.


just for being a guest in the Wellness Wing, I get $140 in online services for

sleep, stress, and nutrition when I return home. I guess this makes up for some

of the $500-plus a day room rate.


this before leaving my room for the day! The other part of my unplanned

“wellness week” in Las Vegas is all the friggin’ (I meant healthy) walking we

do. I spoke with an employee of the hotel who said she clocks 10 miles a day. I

estimate we will walk at least three miles a day – more than I do at home! 


knew I could come to “Sin City” and be healthier when I got back? Viva Las



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