Santa Monica's Chain Reaction Sculpture Potentially Saved

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2014, 6:00:00 AM

Brenton Garen

Santa Monica peace activist Jerry Rubin said there appears to be a positive outcome at the start of the New Year for the 'Save Chain Reaction' efforts.

Rubin said he met with Santa Monica City Manager Rod Gould on Tuesday morning.

“(Gould) said he has reevaluated the 'Chain Reaction' issue and has now updated City Council members about his new positive recommendation,” Rubin said. “The plan would basically be to accept the money ($40,000+) the Conrad family and community have raised this past year for 'Chain Reaction' restoration, and the City would pay for the rest of the restoration costs for the peace sculpture at its land marked Civic Center site.”

Rubin said that Gould told him the item would be on the City Council agenda on February 25.

Supports of Chain Reaction had been given until Feb. 1, 2014, to raise almost as much as a half million dollars in order to prevent the “Chain Reaction” sculpture from potentially being taken down.

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