haleARTS SPACE On Main Street Features Pair Of Artists Through Sunday

Friday, 20 Dec 2013, 9:30:00 AM

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haleARTS S P A C E is currently featuring a group show with the work of Sam Bendall and Andrew Bosserman, which will run through Sunday, Dec. 22.

Touching on his documentary photography and communication studies background, Bendall presents this work as a grand narrative on the fall of the modern urban infrastructure and how the structures of man been reclaimed by nature.

Another facet of these structures is how they have become a canvas for street artists in their own creative endeavors.

His work seeks to return these structures to a state of previous glory while accepting and appreciating their present existence.

Bendall follows a non-linear documentation of these spaces as these structures are presently dark and forgotten.

“My purpose is to revitalize each structure utilizing a combination of colors to highlight and transform various elements in each scene," Bendall said.

The resulting images are not manipulated digitally but rather lit through a physical and painstaking process at the time of exposure.

Done entirely by hand, Bendall achieves the colorful lighting effects in a scene with flashlights or strobes masked with theatrical gels to create a dramatic vision of a surreal world.

Beyond the photography, Bendall’s process is performative and interactive as he reacts to the scene as each image is created.

Meanwhile, Bosserman is an up-and-coming young artist from the SoCal/Los Angeles region.

BioFusion, a new art form created by Andrew, fuses limitless combinations of color, layers and light yielding works that take on bio-type caricatures.

Bosserman’s BioFusion art has been featured in a number of galleries throughout Southern California.

He draws his creative energy from his experiences across the Western U.S. including time spent in the Rocky Mountain region, Big Sky Country, the Desert, and of course, Southern California.

Bosserman said he loved to create art that “places emotion, happiness and wonderment into others. Creating art forms which take others to deeper, more spiritual places is a great feeling for me in terms of sharing and connecting with others.”

haleARTS space is a Santa Monica gallery focusing on local emerging artists as well as the emerging collector. They host a number of events throughout the year to engage emerging collectors; from their $100 Art SALE to Art Talks featuring art and design professionals.

Admission to the gallery, located at 2443 Main Street, is always free.

For more information, call 310.314.8038 or visit www.halearts.com.

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