Santa Monica College Number One In Transfers To University Of California

SMC also tops in transfers to USC and LMU

Thursday, 12 Dec 2013, 8:23:00 AM

Mitch James

Santa Monica College is number one in transferring

its students to the University of California, according to the California Community College Chancellor’s Office which

recently released the 2012-13 data for community college students

transferring to the University of California and to

the California State University systems. This the the 23rd year in a row that SMC has held this feat.

The numbers also show that Santa Monica College is tops for the third

consecutive year in transferring African American and Latino students to the University of California.

In 2012-13, SMC sent a total of 1,057 students to UC campuses, far

outpacing the next three feeder schools.


transfers to the UC system included 31 African American students

and 141 Latino students. This is the third year that SMC has increased

its number of UC-transferring Latino students, up from 129 in 2011-12,

and 117 in 2010-11.

Other statistics for 2012-13 demonstrate why Santa Monica College

is considered the premier transfer institution in California:

Santa Monica College continues to hold one of the top

spots in combined transfers to the UC and California State University

systems, despite the decision by CSU Northridge – the top CSU transfer

choice for SMC students

– to reduce its acceptance of transfers this year. SMC sent 1,911

students to UC and CSU, significantly more than the 1,700 from the third

largest feeder school.

SMC is in first place yet again in transfers to the

University of Southern California (USC). In fall 2013, 160 SMC students

transferred to USC, nearly three times as many students as the number

two feeder school.

SMC is also holding its position as the top source for transfers to Loyola Marymount University (LMU).

SMC President Dr. Chui L. Tsang said the college was very excited about the latest transfer data.

“These numbers reflect our year-after-year commitment to preparing

students for transfer to four-year universities, and our continuing

effort to help even more students advance their education to the next

level,” Dr. Tsang said.

Transfer Center Faculty Leader

Dan Nannini, who also serves as President of the Western

Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC), mentioned several

reasons for SMC’s strong transfer record.

“The support of great

counseling faculty and

staff, outstanding teaching faculty and college administrators, and the

greater Santa Monica community all combine to help keep our institution

in the forefront of the transfer mission,” said Nannini. “SMC also

hosts the largest college fair in the state as

part of our effort to make SMC students attractive to admissions



added that SMC’s Transfer/Counseling Center is participating

in the redesign of a statewide website that provides transfer

information to students and counselors.

SMC’s Transfer Center also

conducts workshops, holds weekly visits from four-year institutions, and

has a close working relationship with UC and CSU to make

sure SMC students get credit for their classes.


students can be found enrolled at every single UC campus this

year. UCLA continues to be the most popular destination by far for SMC

students, with more than 46 percent of the UC transfers – 490 – going to

the Westwood campus. UC Berkeley came in second with 173 transfers,

followed by the UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz


SMC also transfers students to public and private universities around

the world, including Stanford, Columbia, and Cornell.

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