Santa Monica Art Studios Celebrate The Holidays This Saturday Night

Friday, 6 Dec 2013, 9:45:00 AM

Kathy Leonardo

La Vie en Rose by Sona Mirzaei is a 3D mixed media piece with organic botanicals, acrylic, oil, and metal leafing on canvas.
Courtesy Of The Artist
La Vie en Rose by Sona Mirzaei is a 3D mixed media piece with organic botanicals, acrylic, oil, and metal leafing on canvas.

This Saturday, the Santa Monica Art Studios hosts a reception from 6 pm to 8 pm for its holiday show. Original art makes a wonderful gift. At SMAS, you’ll find all types of mediums offered by an eclectic group of artists.

Artist Sona Mirzaei will have several works from her botanical series on view. La Vie en Rose (pictured right) took two months to complete.

“All of these pieces are themed according to season and classically influenced,” Mirzaei said.

Her love of flowers is apparent as she incorporates leaves and branches into her work creating a three-dimensional effect.

“Working in mixed media and bringing works to life is a large part of why I love creating art,” she said. “The notion of exploring other dimensions in your work when most are two-dimensional is pretty cool.”

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Originally from Venezuela, artist Isaura Sánchez will be featuring her paintings as part of the holiday show.

“I started with tiny drawings on paper, which I translated into large paintings,” Sánchez said. “These drawings, which I made with ink on paper a long time ago and which came from my subconscious, are now my inspiration because I have now discovered their symbolic and archetypal meanings.” 

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It is the third time that artist Lisa Segal will be showing her art at Santa Monica Art Studios.

“I have been a friend of the Santa Monica Art Studios since it opened and am friends with many of the resident artists,” Segal said. “I very much enjoy showing there.”

Segal uses various materials to create her sculptures, such as cardboard, toothpicks, bamboo skewers, acrylic paint, graphite, ink, construction materials, resin, and glue.

“I have a constant urge to ‘make something,’” she said. “I explore materials or processes that appeal to me because of their tactile qualities.”

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Michelle Knapp has also participated in many exhibitions at SMAS and works in several mediums such as oil, oil pastels, acrylics, and ink on canvas.

“My art consists of a concept embedded in the medium,” Knapp said. “While the medium gives me the knowledge of how to produce something, my expression is the ability to decide what to produce, and make choices about the manner of my art piece.”

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In Arena 1, Women Painters West presents its winter exhibition curated by guest juror Bill Bush, publisher of Artweek.LA.

An all women non-profit organization, Women Painters West has been showcasing its members since 1921.

Artist and publicity chair Christina Ramos has been involved with the group for the past seven years.

“Our membership continues to grow, with a good mixture of young and old, different techniques and mediums, work ranging from abstract to realism and from painting to collage,” Ramos said.

Each year, WPW donates scholarships and art supplies. There will be an awards presentation at 7 pm by WPW president Loraine Veeck. For more information, visit

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