PETA Activists To Ruffle Feathers With Giant Plucked 'Goose' Today In Santa Monica

Thursday, 14 Nov 2013, 8:18:00 AM

Brenton Garen

Alicia Silverstone urges everyone to go down-free in a undercover video exposé.
Courtesy Photo
Alicia Silverstone urges everyone to go down-free in a undercover video exposé.

Five pajama-clad activists from PETA (People for the Ethical

Treatment of Animals) will accompany a seven-foot-tall, half-plucked

goose, that will be "sleeping in" outside the REI outdoor store on Santa

Monica Boulevard today at noon.

While sitting up in sleeping bags under a banner that reads, "Don't

Cuddle Up to Cruelty—Ditch Down," the five PETA members will protest the

cruelty of down production.

Other activists say they will hold signs that read, "Down Hurts."

Activists said the battered bird wants shoppers who would never think

of buying fur to know that down sleeping bags, jackets, gloves,

pillows, and comforters cause extreme pain for ducks and geese who are

often repeatedly plucked alive for their feathers.

"Down is a product of cruelty to birds," said Alicia Silverstone in a PETA video exposé.

The actor offers a behind-the-scenes view of the down industry,

showing how millions of geese and ducks are "violently plucked bloody

for their feathers" while they're still alive—a traumatic and painful


PETA encourages shoppers to check labels for synthetic down, down

alternative, polyester fill, or high-tech fabrics such as PrimaLoft and

Thinsulate — soft, washable, down-like fibers. In most cases, these are a

superior option for climbers and campers, as down loses much of its

insulating properties when it gets wet.

REI is located at 402 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica.

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