Santa Monica Man Arrested After Threatening To Kill Girlfriend, Stealing From Purse

Alert Police Blotter: A Large Cylindrical Silver Colored Metal Object.

Monday, 11 Nov 2013, 8:57:00 AM

Tim Broughton

A 32-year-old Santa Monica man was arrested on Thursday, Oct. 31 after threatening to kill his girlfriend then stealing $200 from her purse.

Officers of the Santa Monica Police Department were called out to investigate what was described as a “family disturbance” at 4:36 pm on this day in the 2400 block of Virginia Avenue.

Upon arrival the officers met with a distraught woman who told them that her boyfriend had taken, without her permission, $200 from her purse inside the apartment.

The woman added that her boyfriend had a considerable history of assaulting her, and that two days prior they had become embroiled in an argument because he had become convinced that she was cheating on him (why would she do that, one might wonder?).

During the course of this argument he allegedly told her that he intended to terminate her life, and supported his intent by holding up and displaying to her a large cylindrical silver colored metal object (that turned out to be a loudspeaker) in a manner that suggested that he was going to use this item with which to carry out his aforementioned stated threat.

The woman continued to explain to the officers that at that point she feared for her safety (reasonably), and so pushed her boyfriend away, inadvertently scratching him in the face in the process.

It was at that moment that the boyfriend took the $200 from her purse and went off to the store.

As the officers were taking this statement from the woman her boyfriend returned from the store (at the time of going to press it was unknown which, if any, items he procured during his trip) and the police questioned him.

The officers determined that there was sufficient evidence to arrest this Santa Monica man and he was thus charged with robbery, criminal threats, domestic violence, and a violation of parole.

The woman was granted a temporary Emergency Protective Order by the police. Bail was not granted.

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