Santa Monica Police Arrest Team Of Thieves Who Stole Cosmetics From Sephora

Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013, 9:03:00 AM

Tim Broughton

Santa Monica police arrested a trio of thieves on Monday, Oct. 7 who were caught stealing $2,184 worth of cosmetics from a Sephora store.

Officers of the Santa Monica Police Department Third Street Promenade Bicycle Detachment went to the store (a well-know purveyor of products designed to enhance the aesthetic qualities of men and women) at 6:30 pm on this day, located at 1244 Third Street Promenade, after they were informed that a shoplifting team had been at work on the premises.

While they were cycling to the scene the officers received an update that the alleged thieves were last seen driving southbound in the 200 block of Second Street.

The officers were also updated about the descriptions of the suspects as well as their vehicle.

Officers eventually stopped this vehicle in the 1600 block of Main Street in Santa Monica, where a Sephora loss prevention agent was subsequently transported to in order to identify the suspects, in this case two females and one male.

The loss prevention agent did indeed identify this (suspected) shoplifting team, telling the officers that he saw two of them take the items from the shelves, put them in a bag, leave the store, and get into the car being driven by the third suspect.

The merchandise from the Sephora store was discovered in the vehicle, and of course there were no receipts available.

The officers arrested these three (suspected) thieves and they were taken away to jail. Suspect number one, aged 30, and a Compton resident, was charged with burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Bail was set at $20,000. The second suspect, aged 28, and of Los Angeles, was charged with burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime. Bail was set at $20,000.

The third suspect was also charged with burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime. Bail was again set at $20,000.

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