Santa Monica Named Best Dressed Small City In The United States

Thursday, 26 Sep 2013, 8:59:00 AM

Brenton Garen

Eye on Main Street fashion!
Photos by Sarah Calabro
Eye on Main Street fashion!

Research blog Movoto has named Santa Monica as having the most available high-end fashion offerings of any city of its size in America, making an argument that Santa Monica residents are the best dressed in the nation.

Movoto’s research looked at high-end fashion, shoe, jewelry, and other ‘dressy’ categories.

The blog came up with a set of criteria that it felt best reflected these traits of a city.

In the case of small cities and how fashionable they were, it chose the following five criteria: high-end fashion stores per capita, high-end shoe stores per capita, high-end jewelry stores per capita, tailors per capita, and dry cleaners per capita.

Movoto then created a list of 153 small cities with populations between 75,000 and 99,999 to research.

“We surveyed each city to determine how many of each type of store or service they have using Yelp, and in the case of clothes, shoes, and jewelry, we only counted the highest-priced results,” the blog said. “The cities were ranked on a per capita basis for each criteria, with 1 being best and 153 being worst for fashion. Then, using the magic of Saturday Night Science, we averaged out the individual category results to come up with our Big Deal Score. The city with the lowest Big Deal Score was the winner.”

Top 10 Best Dressed Small Cities In America:

1. Santa Monica, CA

2. Boca Raton, FL

3. Newport Beach, CA

4. Westminster, CA

5. San Mateo, CA

6. Santa Barbara, CA

7. Albany, NY

8. Evanston, IL

9. Mission Viejo, CA

10. Miami Beach, FL

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