CLARE Foundation Launches Medical Advisory Board

Wednesday, 25 Sep 2013, 9:24:00 AM

Mirror Staff

Santa Monica's CLARE Foundation has announced the launch of its Medical Advisory Board, composed of 11 medically licensed addiction treatment professionals who have partnered with CLARE Foundation to provide professional input and insight as CLARE continues to develop innovative substance abuse treatment programming.

CLARE’s Medical Advisory Board members hold MDs, PhDs, and PsyDs, and have professional specialties that range from behavioral neuroscience to addiction medicine research.

The Medical Advisory Board will be charged with helping CLARE ensure that its services meet and exceed standards outlined in public and private health insurance plans as healthcare reform progresses.

In addition to ensuring that CLARE is prepared to meet the demands of healthcare reform and remain sustainable as the healthcare landscape continues to shift, the Medical Advisory Board will also be responsible for making programmatic and policy recommendations designed to help CLARE better serve its clients.

Medical Advisory Board members will play a key role in the development and implementation of Conscious Recovery by CLARE, a new outpatient program that will open in early 2014 and will provide drug and alcohol treatment and counseling services to mid-market clients.

Dr. Diana Cho, Medical Advisory Board member and recently appointed Clinical Director of Conscious Recovery by CLARE, expressed excitement at the potential of the new Board to positively impact the lives of CLARE’s clients.

“Conscious Recovery by CLARE is leading the way in helping people connect to their overall wellbeing by exploring how alcohol and drugs may be affecting their happiness in relationships, career, school, and health,” said Dr. Cho. “Who you trust to help you face your challenges is important, and I’m excited to proudly carry on the CLARE legacy of providing an affordable place to turn on the Westside for compassionate care by professionals who understand that a comprehensive, supportive network — along with a warm and inspiring environment — can make all the difference in someone’s life.”

In addition to Dr. Cho, CLARE’s Medical Advisory will include the following individuals:

• Soroya Bacchus, MD (CLARE Foundation Medical Director)

• Caroline Grace Close, MD

• Tricia D. Doud, PsyD

• Christine E. Grella, PhD

• Adi Jaffe, PhD

• Patricia Herman, ND, PhD

• Damon Raskin, MD

• William Reeve, Pharm.D

• Scott Reiter, MD

• Matthew A. Torrington, MD

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