Bail Set At $50,000 For Woman Who Scratched, Punched & Kicked Man

Monday, 12 Aug 2013, 9:10:00 AM

Tim Broughton

Bail was set at $50,000 for a 31-year-old homeless woman who

assaulted a man while threatening to cut off his private parts on

Thursday, Aug. 1.

At 3:23 pm officers of the Santa Monica Police Department received a

radio transmission informing them a domestic violence incident was in

progress outside the front of a store on the 2200 block of Stewart


Officers were informed the incident involved a woman attacking a man.

Upon arrival the officers spoke with several witnesses and the victim.

One witness told the officers they had been loading items into their

vehicle and had suddenly heard a woman yelling and screaming at a man.

They looked in the direction from where the commotion was originating and witnessed the woman maliciously attacking the man.

She was apparently scratching, punching, and kicking this man as he

was moving backwards and attempting to escape the attack while

exhibiting a defensive posture.

A second witness said they had overheard the woman yelling at the man

that she would cut off his private parts if he dared to call the


This woman was last seen, according to the witnesses, walking northbound on Stewart Street.

Shortly afterwards this woman was detained by other responding units, and then positively identified.

The victim also affirmed to the officers the statements made by the

witnesses, as well as displaying some bite wounds visible on his right


Based upon the statements by witnesses and the victim this homeless woman was arrested and charged with felony battery.

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