Sage Suggestions For A Sexy Summer: Look Good At Any Age

Thursday, 18 Jul 2013, 8:18:00 AM

Barbara Bishop

Barbara Bishop, Columnist
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Barbara Bishop, Columnist

It’s summer – and to look and feel sexy at any age during warmer weather, especially for women over 50, I conducted  a survey of a combination of experts and women over 50 to learn their sexy summer secrets.    

And for most of us women over 50, they all ring true – gone are the days when we ran barefoot in bikinis 24/7 with no make-up, flawless, sun-kissed bodies and undone hair flowing in the wind. Gag me.  

The last time I experienced that I was 18. Maybe 15.

But we still can look summer-fresh, by following some sage advice I uncovered this week:

Stylist to the stars Colin Megaro, West Hollywood: “Ladies, just because it’s warm out doesn’t mean you can go bra-less. Keep those puppies propped!” Not a good look. And make sure you get a bra that fits; there should be no back fat, straps hanging or flesh pouring out.  

Designer Nancy Gale, Marina del Rey: “Don’t skip the Spanx, just because you think you’re in shape. Spanx make everyone look a little smoother, especially in light, summer clothes.” Great suggestion, Nancy. I went out and bought the bra, the panties and the body suit and looked so much better in my summer outfits. I can’t breathe, but I look good!

Sue Elsner, 54, Boca Raton, Florida: “Before you hit the beach, ask yourself, should I really be wearing this bikini?” There’s a lot of sexy one-pieces that are even sexier than a bikini. In fact, there’s a place in Santa Monica on Montana will make a custom-made  suit to fit your body perfectly. Cowabunga! I’m so there!

Cyndi Cunningham, 53, Chandler, Arizona: “Keep up with weekly pedicures, especially in the summer. No one wants to see cracked, dry heels (eew) and unpolished toenails.”  (Check.) “Also wear sandals that fit – no toes hanging off one end and heels/ankles dangling off the other.”   

I GOT this one – I am a self-confessed shoe-a-holic!

Rene O’Neill, 53, Chicago, Illinois: “If you have a bulge in your mid-section, please, no midriffs. There are plenty of free-flowing tunics that are stylish and flattering. Also, cover up those flabby arms with a cute cropped sleeve; no one wants to see arm flab waving at you!”  I have finally conquered my long-ignored arm flab with weight training and it has almost disappeared. Thank you Fabian!

Waxing Specialist Cathy Abeshiser, Van Nuys: “Now that summer’s here, there’s no getting around it, time for your bikini wax! Also, remember to wax or shave the hair under your arms, especially with sleeveless tops.” Amen! My opinion only – I hate the look of hairy armpits on women – of any age!

Stylist to the stars Colin Megaro, West Hollywood: “If it doesn’t come in your size, don’t try to squeeze into in a size that doesn’t fit you. Shoes. If you can’t walk in them don’t buy them.”  I’m so blessed to have had an epiphany in my 40s; I realized that it relates to fashion, size does not matter. What fits you and makes you feel good in it is what matters. Thank god, because that day, I gave all my size 2s to charity!   

My trainer Fabian, a guy of few words, probably had the best advice of all – “WORK OUT AND TONE UP!” I am working on it, very diligently, sir.

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