Sephora Partners With Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica

Saturday, 1 Jun 2013, 9:09:00 AM

Mirror Staff


Americas announced Friday the launch of “Values Inside Out,” a visionary

partnership program matching Sephora stores across America with non-profit

organizations in their own communities. 


this program, each store’s team of cast members (Sephora’s term for sales

associates) will have the opportunity to choose a local non-profit they want to

help through raising awareness, providing funds and contributing their own

“sweat equity” to enable that organization to fulfill their mission over the

course of 2013.


Herald, Sephora’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources and

Education,  said, “At Sephora, our vision for Values Inside Out is

to inspire and engage our teams to play a part in making a difference in their

communities, and to do so in a way that is completely aligned and integrated

with our Values. We know that beauty is both inside and out and we know our

teams will feel proud of what they accomplish for their communities and even

more so where they work.”


initiative begins this week, as participating Sephora stores across the country

announce their partnership with local non-profits. 


Santa Monica, Sephora cast members have chosen the Boys & Girls Clubs of

Santa Monica as their charity of choice. Cast members will work as partners

with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica. Aaron Young, CEO &

President of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica stated, “We are pleased

to be partnering with Sephora and know our Club members will benefit greatly

from the positive impact that is created through this partnership”.


plans to measure the results of the VIO Program annually by the amount of funds

raised by each non-profit as a result of its partnership in the program and the

number of volunteer hours contributed by Sephora cast members during the


To learn more about the program, please visit

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