Zengo Brunch: All You Can Eat And Drink

Wednesday, 22 May 2013, 10:19:00 AM

Sallie Oto

Enjoy bottomless bloody mary’s, mimosas, and bellini’s every Sunday at Zengo.
Photo by Sallie Oto
Enjoy bottomless bloody mary’s, mimosas, and bellini’s every Sunday at Zengo.

Do you like Chego? SugarFish? Don Antonio’s? Bottomless mimosa brunch at Overland Cafe? What if I told you there is a brunch where you had two hours to eat and drink as much as you possibly could from a fusion menu from all of the above?

Not sure which will explode first – your mind or your stomach – at least you will be able to rest assured that no matter what you do after, your bill will only be $35 per person.

I know you are asking, “well, what is good?” and truth-be-told, it almost doesn’t matter. You can order whatever you want – as many times as you want.

Heck, you could order the entire menu, finish practically none of it, and still only find yourself $35 out. But fret not: It is good. In fact, it’s damn good.

Located on the top level of Santa Monica Place, Zengo brilliantly secured the lot with a patio and a view. If you want to sit outside you’ll have to make a reservation or sit at the bar, but no matter where you sit everything looks and tastes just as great, so don’t stress.

If there is one dish that you must get and order two or three because it is that good, it is the Carnitas Hash (caramelized onion, plantain, and poached egg). If you like stuffing and love savory bread pudding, then you won’t want anything else on the menu.

This is, quite possibly, the best dish I’ve had in months. And when I say months, I mean this year.


1. Shrimp-Vegetable Potstickers

2. House-Made Meatballs

3. Kaffir Chilaquiles

4. Bacon Fried Rice

5. Grilled Achiote Salmon

6. Crispy Tofu

7. Plantains

8. Thai Chicken Empanadas

The Potstickers I’d do again, along with the Carnitas Hash. Everything was great, but next time we’re going to order the other half of the menu and try the sushi, sliders, ceviche, satay, and omelet.

Note that you’ll likely want to cab it there or have a designated driver, because as many rounds of delicious bloodies, mango mimosas, and lychee bellinis as you can pack in to your belly in two hours will render you rather useless behind the wheel.

It is available Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 am to 3 pm.

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