The Weekly Hot Flash: Comfortable FMPs

Comfortable FMPs

Wednesday, 22 May 2013, 10:09:00 AM

Barbara Bishop

London Sole’s red sandals – so innocently sexy.
Photo by Nancy Gale
London Sole’s red sandals – so innocently sexy.

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Comfortable FMPs

Come-f--k-me-pumps, as they were called when I was in my 20s (those super-high-heels that we all squeezed our feet into and then hobbled across the dance floor to attract cute guys), were and still are a must-have staple for women in their 20s and 30s. But after the endless blisters, bruised toes, and achy feet, I personally know that now we most likely would choose flip flops for comfort, instead of being sexy and in pain. But, we can have both!

This past weekend, Hot Flash Universe headed for Montana Avenue in Santa Monica to seeks out the hottest, sexiest, “comfortable FMPs” on the planet.

Our first stop was Souliers ( In business for more than 20 years, they carry a brand called Arche, created in 1968 in France’s Loire Valley, famous for its vineyards and world-class wines. Oo-la-la! Just that they were created in the French wine region, is pretty sexy already.

We conducted a cursory view of the selection. Not much to see, but then – wait! There was a cute pair of black shoes with cut outs, a pair of dressy black shoes with gold trim, a sophisticated snakeskin pump. A few things to try on!

Once we tried them on, our view of a sexy shoe was transformed. Not only were they comfortable, they looked really hot on our feet! We took a closer look at others. Cute hot pink and electronic blue styles suddenly popped out at us. So sexy and fun!

Nicole, the sales manager, said that women of all ages have been coming to this store to purchase the Arche brand since the store opened in the 1990s. And, she reports, they still wear them! That’s a good thing, considering most pairs of shoes were more than $400.

But guess what? Souliers is having a sidewalk sale this Saturday, May 18, with 30-60 percent off! My nose will be pressed against glass waiting for them to open.

Our next stop was London Sole ( They are famous for their sexy ballet flats. What makes them stand out is the way they are cut (very low near the toes), revealing sexy “toe cleavage.” Might sounds weird, but check out the photos – very hot, comfortable, yet simple, and elegant.

We tried on a pair of black pointed flats with a touch of animal print on the short wedge heel. Very sophisticated, so Audrey Hepburn. We asked the sales manager about what shoes were the sexiest that she carried. She led us to a pair of red sandals. Check out the photo! She’s correct! We also tried on a pair of pink ballet shoes with an ankle ribbon. So innocently sexy!

Most of London Sole’s shoes are priced at $195 to $245. But, guess what? Yep, they are also having a blowout sale this weekend, today and Saturday. I will be there as well, to snatch up as many size 7s as I can.

After our shoe adventure, we sat down for a quick bite. We learned a lot today. It’s not about the height of the heel that makes you sexy; it’s about how you feel and carry yourself.

To test this theory, we stopped a cute, 20-something guy on the street and asked him about what kind of women’s shoes he thought were sexy. His answer backed us up.

“I love how women’s legs look with high heels,” he said. “But if she can’t walk in the shoes, she appears to have no confidence. If she is wearing flats and is ‘working her walk,’ there’s nothing sexier than that confidence, no matter what shoes she wears.”

The kid’s smart!

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