City Of Santa Monica Begins Business Outreach Campaign Regarding Permitted Signage

Wednesday, 24 Apr 2013, 8:26:00 AM

Mirror Staff

Santa Monica businesses that display unpermitted or prohibited signs, particularly window and internally illuminated signs, will be reminded in the coming months of the City’s laws and regulations.

The City of Santa Monica Code Compliance Team has announced it will work in partnership with local business improvement districts, the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, and other community partners to launch a signage guidance campaign that will help to minimize non-compliance signage issues in the city’s commercial districts.

As of Monday, City staff began sending out letters and informational flyers to local businesses, business organizations, and community partners to help inform businesses on what type of signage is permissible.

A City of Santa Monica statement said “The City values its businesses and wants to work proactively with the City’s local business partners to inform them of the City’s laws and regulations.”

“Significant noncompliance to the City sign ordinance can cause blight in the City’s commercial districts and impact the overall quality of life,” the statement said. “The information outreach campaign will help inform businesses about what the Santa Monica Municipal Code allows regarding signage type, height, and placement. Maintaining visual aesthetics is important to our community and helps to keep Santa Monica vibrant and attractive.”

The City of Santa Monica Code Compliance Division is responsible for enforcing the City’s civil laws and regulations to maintain the quality of life of this community.   

Joe Trujillo, Code Compliance Manager, said the Code Compliance Division recently underwent many changes, one of which was to implement a pro-active enforcement program to address areas of significant noncompliance issues and complaints.  

“In the next few months, we will be focusing on unpermitted and prohibited signage, particularly window and internally illuminated signs,” Trujillo said. “We look to educate residents and businesses about the requirements of the City’s laws and regulations before we enforce them.”

For more information, visit the City’s website at then click on “Permits and Licenses” and “Sign Guidance for Santa Monica Businesses.”

If businesses or property owners have any questions as to whether their business or property signage has been permitted, or if it may require a permit, they are encouraged to contact the City Planning Division at 310.458.8341 or the Code Compliance Division at 310.458.4984.

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