Sushi Roku In Santa Monica Debuts New Menu Items

Tuesday, 23 Apr 2013, 9:11:00 AM

Brenton Garen

American Kobe Meatballs.
Photo by Brenton Garen
American Kobe Meatballs.

With many “Top Chef” style programs on TV, Santa Monica restaurant Sushi Roku says ingredients such as octopus are becoming more popular, making many of its dishes more desirable to customers.

In late-February, the restaurant debuted a handful of new menu items, including an expanded selection of non-traditional sashimi.

The new menu items include artfully prepared standouts that are quickly becoming fan favorites, such as the Octopus Sashimi Kyoto Style with a refreshing herb vinaigrette that has a nice green color to make the dish even more appealing to the eyes.

Tom Cardenas, Sushi Roku Vice President of Operations, said the restaurant changes its menu twice a year to adjust to the two main seasons: fall/ winter and spring/summer.

“The ideas come from eating at a lot of restaurants in the six month period and taking inspirations and interpreting them to what works within the ‘modern Asian cuisine’ concept,” Cardenas said.

The complete list of the new additions are the Octopus Sashimi Kyoto Style with herbed vinaigrette, Tori “Nikiri” sashimi with soy marinated seaweed, “Kobujime” Fluke Sashimi with sudachi white soy and shitake oil, Sashimi Salad, Beef Sukiyaki, Whole Sea Bass deep fried with a spicy chili sauce, Crispy Rice Asparagus, American Kobe Potsticker Gyoza with kimchee, and the Makoto Roll.

Have you ever wondered what is the key to perfect sashimi?

Cardenas said there are two main reasons why there is a difference between good sashimi and great sashimi.

“First is the freshness and then the talent of the ‘itamae san’ or sushi chef on preparing the perfect cut not to be too large or too small to enjoy the full flavor and texture of the fish being served,” he said.

Cardenas said another popular dish off its regular menu was the “Premium Wagyu” Japanese beef Toban-Yaki.

“Japanese beef was banned in the United States for several years and now made available again,” he said. “The marbling and flavor profile of Japanese Wagyu is known to be the best in the world.”

Sushi Roku Santa Monica opened in 1999, two years after the inaugural Sushi Roku opened in Hollywood on 3rd Street in 1997.

Sushi Roku is a pioneer of contemporary sushi, incorporating diverse, non-traditional ingredients from Latin America (e.g. jalapeños) and Europe (e.g. olive oil) into its edible works of art.

This unique culinary experience that bridges past and present is the result of an eagerness to embrace new ideas and a profound respect for tradition.

Sushi Roku’s bold and diverse menu also offers an array of hot and cold specialty appetizers and an extensive selection of exotic entrées.

Sushi Roku is located at 1401 Ocean Avenue (at Santa Monica Boulevard).

For more information, call 310.458.4771 or visit

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