Maria Sharapova Promotes “Sugarpova” Launch

Sunday, 21 Apr 2013, 8:16:00 AM

Parimal M. Rohit

Maria Sharapova has forayed into the world of satisfying sugar rushes with her own candy line called “Sugarpova.”
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Maria Sharapova has forayed into the world of satisfying sugar rushes with her own candy line called “Sugarpova.”

After making a name for

herself as one of the world’s toughest competitors on the tennis court, Maria

Sharapova is now positioning herself as the source of sweetness.

A top-ranked

tennis player and Grand Slam winner, Sharapova has forayed into the world of

satisfying sugar rushes with her own candy line. “Sugarpova,” as it is called,

has arrived in Southern California, as Sharapova debuted the candy line April

13 at a boutique shop in Manhattan Beach.

An attempt to show Sharapova’s

“fun, fashionable, sweet side,” the “premium candy line” represents the tennis

star’s off-court personality and individuality.

In debuting the candy line

last week, those purchasing Sugarpova also contribute to charitable causes: a

portion of the proceeds from last weekend’s introduction and launch was

allocated to the Maria Sharapova Foundation and a local South Bay charity, Walk

With Sally.

More than 700 bags of candy were sold during the event and

raised $1700 for Walk With Sally with the auction of Maria's racket and a

"tennis date." The winner was Jim Flick of Palos Verdes.

According to Sharapova’s

team, the candy line interprets “classic types of candies in her own signature


“A long time personal candy

lover with a sweet tooth, Maria developed a new level of quality to the candy

category in unexpected and fun types and shapes – with playful names to match,”

her team stated. “Wrapped up in a beautiful package, it’s both style and

substance, just like the founder Maria Sharapova. Each unique candy flavor is

represented by a bold and colorful pair of lips that represent the many

fun-loving sides of their namesake creator.”

Among the words used to

describe Sugarpova: chic; flirty; silly; splashy; cheeky; sassy; spooky;

smitten; quirky, and, sporty.

In speaking with The

Mirror, Sharapova explained it took two years to develop the candy line.

Yet, she added though she has been affiliated with many brands throughout her

professional tennis career, it was also important to her to be more than just a

name associated with a product.

Sharapova wanted to be more involved with the

decision-making process as to how the brand was promoted and represented her as

a person.

“I’ve really been blessed

over the years to work with amazing brands,” Sharapova told The Mirror. “At

the end of the day, I was a big part of what they were doing but making the

final decisions. I had the itch to do something on my own.”

Venture off on her own she

did, as Sharapova partnered with renowned candy expert Jeff Rubin, also known

as “The Candy Man.”

She added the fact she is

recognized around the world will help her leverage her brand to help others.

“I think one of the greatest

gifts of being a professional athlete … is it opens your eyes to people who don’t

have opportunities,” Sharapova told The Mirror, adding some of her

greatest contributions to charity is to the United Nations and causes

associated with helping victims of the nuclear accident in Chernobyl.


Russian tennis star, who celebrated her birthday on April 19, said her family

left their homeland of Belarus due to concerns of the regional fallout after

the Chernobyl accident shortly before her birth.

Winner of the 2012 French

Open, Sharapova also played at the London Games, U.S. Open, and Wimbledon last

year. Other brands she has been associated with include TAG Heuer, Cole Haan,

Nike, Evian, Head, and Samsung.

To find out more about

Sugarpova or to purchase some candy, visit or

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