Food Trucks Only Welcome Under Certain Circumstances: Letter To The Editor

Tuesday, 16 Apr 2013, 9:24:00 AM

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Food trucks, both daytime and late night, are a welcome service only within certain unique venues /circumstances such as when there are few if any conventional food and beverage operations available to service the public in a particular area.

Their presence in areas well served by stand alone restaurants flies in the face of judicious municipal governing.

The proliferation of these mobile feeders is anathema to local commercial health as the low or non tax and rent paying trucks, drain important customer revenue from neighborhood restaurants and bars, all of which are burdened with high rents as well as city taxes.

Food trucks have no business on Main Street where the dining choices are already almost too excessive and as a result there are an inordinate number of business failures.

This attrition is exacerbated by the presence of the trucks.

The decision makers in Venice, by allowing unlimited food trucks on Abbot Kinney one night a month have gravely wounded the many high rent paying tax contributors on that street and for what reason.

So kids from Fullerton can block the sidewalks while waiting in line for some schlock fast food from a vehicle contributing nothing financially to Venice while hogging three potential parking spaces from someone who may spend $200 in a sit down restaurant or $1000 in a gallery or boutique.

Give me a break!

Brian Hart

Santa Monica

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