Truck Spills Hydraulic Fluid After Leaving Santa Monica Construction Site

Tuesday, 9 Apr 2013, 11:44:00 AM

Brenton Garen

A truck leaving the construction site across from Santa Monica City Hall spilled hydraulic fluid Tuesday morning, shutting down Olympic Drive from Main Street to 4th Street for an estimated four to six hours.

The Santa Monica Fire Department (SMFD) responded to a reported Hazardous Materials Spill at 8:46 am.

Engine 1 was first on the scene at 8:49 am to investigate and determined the liquid to be hydraulic fluid.

SMFD's Truck 1, Haz Mat Utility 4, and Battalion 1 were then called out to assist in the mitigation of the incident.

A SMFD statement said Olympic Drive, from Main Street to 4th Street, will be closed to vehicle traffic until the liquid can be property picked-up and the street properly cleaned. The ETA until Olympic Drive is re-opened is approximately noon to 2 pm Tuesday.

The Santa Monica Police Department was able to locate and stop the truck that allegedly spilled the fluid on 14th Street. It has been determined at this time that no Hazardous Materials were spilled beyond 4th Street.

Santa Monica Public Works has provided street sweepers, pressure washers and personnel to assist in the clean-up. Other divisions and agencies are currently being contacted to assist in the clean-up process.

It does not appear that any of the fluid has reached the storm drains.

The truck that allegedly spilled the fluid is contracted by the city.

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