Lincoln Boulevard Task Force To Clean Up As Part Of Earth Day Celebrations

Sunday, 7 Apr 2013, 9:27:00 AM

Mirror Staff

Lincoln Boulevard sign.
Photo by Stephanie Salvatore
Lincoln Boulevard sign.

The Lincoln Boulevard Task Force has announce members will host an

Earth Day Clean Up Event to help make Lincoln “Safe, Clean, Beautiful,

and Green” later this month.

Earth Day (officially on April 22) will be celebrated on Lincoln on

Saturday, April 20 from 11 am to 2 pm, with multiple festivities to

continue during and after the clean up.

This event was initiated by Killeen Pilon, a Task Force volunteer,

who will serve as the Event Project Manager (volunteers will be asked to

contact Killeen directly at to fill a variety

of roles including help prior to the event, as well as coordination of

volunteers during the event.

This event will be part of “Beautify Lincoln,” under the direction of

Evan Meyer, an Ocean Park Association Board member and Chair of the

Streetscape Subcommittee of the Task Force.

Meyer is the driving force behind the murals completed on the

exterior of the Novel Café, Metropolitan Cleaners, and many others

between Pico and Ocean Park Boulevard; he believes that “art is the

beginning of bringing life to a neglected area and the thing that can

create change in people’s perception of the area most quickly.”

The Task Force’s goal is to facilitate the transformation of Lincoln

into an attractive, pedestrian-friendly, neighborhood-serving street

that reflects the needs and desires of the neighborhood residents and

local businesses.

“As we are all painfully aware, Lincoln needs a spring cleaning –

perhaps a first ever event to engage the entire community to address the

weeds and trash that were one of the top three issues according to the

recent resident survey results presented by the Task Force,” organizers


“We encourage residents, businesses along Lincoln Boulevard, local

schools, and members of four neighborhood organizations contiguous to

Lincoln to celebrate Earth Day by volunteering for three hours to clean

up of the street.”

Volunteers on April 20 will be asked to bring their own brooms, work

gloves, clippers and trowels to pick up litter and other debris and pull

weeds along the sidewalks and grass strips of Lincoln from the 10

Freeway south to the Venice border at Ozone. The City will provide

plastic bags for litter/debris and weeds and will arrange for pick up of

the refuse.

This event will not be “all work and no play.” In addition to having

six teams removing trash and weeds on both sides of Lincoln there will

be live entertainment, music, and a variety of art events along Lincoln

ranging from chalk sidewalk art to painting of murals, and an after


Participating businesses currently include: McDonalds, Santino’s,

Novel Café, Tommy’s Burgers (mural painting), TRiP (mural painting and

after party – 21 and older only), and Lincoln Pipe and Plumbing Supply.

For the latest information on this event, visit!earth-day-clean-up/c1753 and

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