City Of Santa Monica Will Destroy All Parking Structures To Build Arby’s

April Fool's 2013!

Monday, 1 Apr 2013, 8:56:00 AM

Staff Report

By Wysso Glumm/Assembled Press

With all members agreeing that “When you put parking convenience up next to Arby’s Classic Beef n’ Cheddar there’s just no contest…” the Santa Monica City Council unanimously approved a measure that would demolish all city parking structures and replace them with Arby’s restaurants.

Citizens who spoke before the vote on the measure were vociferously against the destruction of parking spaces downtown.  But halfway through the tense meeting, a representative from Arby’s delivered complimentary Philly Beef & Swiss and Bacon & Cheddar Deluxe sandwiches to the council chambers.  

One Santa Monica resident told Almost Daily   “It was that runny orange cheese stuff that turned us around. God, that stuff is good! We won’t ever be able to park downtown now, but each of the new Arby’s is going to have a drive-through.”

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