City Of Santa Monica Finds Afterlife For Tires

Sunday, 24 Mar 2013, 9:05:00 AM

Mitch James

Curb ramps have been created for use in Santa Monica from recycled tires.
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Curb ramps have been created for use in Santa Monica from recycled tires.

The City of

Santa Monica’s Resource Recovery & Recycling Division (RRR)

has discovered an afterlife for tires.

By recycling tires into crumb

rubber, RRR has created a few innovative products for everyday use. 

These products include rubber bumpers, curb ramps, and a boardwalk to the


Thanks to a grant from California’s Resource

Recycling and Recovery Department (CalRecycle) Tire Derived Product

grant program, over five thousand tires were diverted from landfills,

incineration and illegal dumping. 

Rubber Bumpers for Enclosures

Description: 3009 lincoln rubber stop


bumpers are currently installed in trash enclosures to alleviate

damages to walls and doors when pushing and pulling trash,

recycling and food waste bins to the trucks for collection. 

Approximately, 2500 passenger tire equivalents were

reused for this purpose and not sent to the landfill. 

Curb Ramps              

Four hundred and forty passenger tire equivalents were diverted from

landfills and recycled into curb ramps. 

These rubber ramps

are stored in the collection vehicles and are designed to fit snugly in

the curb gutters.

City staff pushing and pulling recycling trash and food

waste bins can easily maneuver the very heavy dumpsters off of the curbs

to the collection trucks. 

As a result, injuries

to employees have lessened when using this tire derived


Boardwalk to the Sea

Description: new rubber ramp 001


boardwalk to the Sea has been installed on the beach north of the Santa

Monica Pier. 

As an extension to the existing wooden boardwalk, 298 rubberized planks offer individuals with

disabilities (ADA) access to the sea at high tide.

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