Santa Monica Human Relations Council Launches New Website

Saturday, 23 Feb 2013, 9:48:00 AM

Mitch James

The Human Relations Council of the Santa Monica Bay Area (HRC Santa Monica) launched a new and dynamic website earlier this week:

Ilda Jiménez y West, the HRC’s newly elected Chair, said  the

Human Relations Council Santa Monica website is a resource for

communities that are willing to engage one another in meaningful and

courageous ways through dialogue, programs, events, and social media.


is our privilege to launch a website that mirrors the human relations work that we as a council have been

conducting offline and continue to serve as a premier resource in a time

of wonderment and change – check us out," Jiménez y West said.


the launch of its official web site, HRC Santa Monica endeavors to

build an effective community voice by connecting with the multi-cultural

and multi-faceted population of Santa Monica.

Through this cooperative

effort, HRC’s objective is to create better understanding, tolerance and

acceptance among the various ethnic groups representing different

cultures and faiths in the city.

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