Spring Theatre Workshop Returns To Santa Monica Playhouse

Wednesday, 30 Jan 2013, 9:02:00 AM

Mitch James

Children of any age can enroll in various theater workshops at the Santa Monica Playhouse.
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Children of any age can enroll in various theater workshops at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

Parents hoping to introduce their children to the world of theatre now have the chance at the Santa Monica Playhouse Education Conservatory, which has just opened enrollment for its popular Spring Theatre Workshop youth program.

Applications are now being accepted for the Youth Play Production class, ages 7 to 13 (Thursday afternoons or Saturday mornings), the Teen Performance Lab, ages 12 to 17 (Thursday afternoons or Saturday mornings), and the special session for Early Stagers, ages 4 to 6 (Saturday mornings).

Playhouse Director of Education and theatre artist Serena Dolinsky said all classes meet weekly, February through April 2013.

“At the Playhouse, young people learn true appreciation for theatre arts, revel in the creativity, hard work and enthusiasm it takes to put on a show, and have the best time while doing it,” Dolinsky said.

“They create characters and story-lines unique to them - they get to feel what it’s like to be the first person to ever play that special role. Their self-confidence soars!”

The internationally acclaimed Playhouse Education Conservatory for youth is celebrating more than four decades of continuous theatre workshops, combines the fun and excitement of working as a team to create and perform a brand new play with the joy and fulfillment of bringing out the individual artist’s voice in each participant.

Working actors share their love of the craft with young people in all stages of development in a stress-free, creative, arts-oriented environment. Enhanced teamwork skills and improved communication are welcome by-products of this unique program, developed with more than 25,000 students to date.

A spectacular once-a-week theatre workshop experience where young people immerse themselves in the dramatic arts, the Play Production workshop experience includes acting, singing, dancing, make-up and costumes, lights and sound, and performing an original musical on the Santa Monica Playhouse Main Stage.

Professional theatre artists help the young actors channel their creativity through exciting theatre games and play-writing exercises.

Participants learn to share feelings and responsibilities with a group of their peers in an engaging and fun atmosphere as they participate in theatre activities that improve creative communication, promote truthful, authentic expression, and inspire joy and self-confidence through the arts. No experience needed, but even the most advanced young actor will benefit from this workshop.

Santa Monica Playhouse is a not for profit theatre and educational corporation that has been a pioneer in theatre education for youth, working with more than half a million young people in 11 countries during the past 43 years.

Santa Monica Playhouse is located at 1211 4th Street (between Wilshire & Arizona) in the heart of the downtown Santa Monica.

For details, dues, and more information on enrolling for this theatre program, email the Playhouse Education Conservatory at Education@SantaMonicaPlayhouse.com, call 310.394.9779 ext. 3, or visit SantaMonicaPlayhouse.com.

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