Axiom Contemporary Gallery Opens 'Burton To Burton' Exhibition This Friday

Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012, 1:10:00 AM

Mitch James

Jane and Tyler Burton will open their first exhibition together in Santa Monica starting this Friday, Nov. 30.
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Jane and Tyler Burton will open their first exhibition together in Santa Monica starting this Friday, Nov. 30.

Working in collaboration for the first time, sisters Jane and Tyler Burton will be exhibiting large scale, figurative, and abstract ceramic sculptural works at Axiom Contemporary Gallery in Santa Monica that will have its opening reception Friday, Nov. 30 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The exhibition runs through Dec. 14.

Having represented the artists individually, the gallery will be the premier West Coast venue for the Burtons' first joint show "Burton to Burton."

“Each of these figurative artist's unique works conveys a timeless and somewhat haunting quality, a quietude," said Jason Kirk, Axiom's Managing Partner. "We are thrilled to see this first collaboration into which the artists have overlaid new dimensions.”

Jane Burton's forms are reminiscent of the feminine connection to the ancient representations of the goddess; a shape starting small and rising into the fullness of her power and strength.

“Many of my pieces are musings on womanhood, perceptions both personal and societal, inner strength and spirituality,” Jane said.

Tyler Burton is best known for her life size ceramic and mixed media figures which emote an inner stillness and meditation.

She is interested in creating the human form as an expression of the spiritual being that dwells within.

Her sculptures address belief systems and inner life.

"A recent series, ‘Bound By Beliefs,” reflects how our lives are constantly regulated by teachings ingrained in us since birth or imposed on us by the societies we live in," Tyler said. "My new works continues to explore how our whole existence is built upon what we believe and how a belief can be either limiting or empowering."

Jane and Tyler have also collaborated on their installation of more than 1,000 hanging porcelain rocks with Canadian percussionist and composer Greg Samek, who has written an original score to accompany the piece.

Axiom Contemporary is located at 2801 Main Street, Santa Monica.

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