Printing Error Found In Malibu Sample Ballots, Voter Pamphlets

Thursday, 1 Nov 2012, 1:29:00 AM

Mirror Staff

Malibu voters take note: the County of Los Angeles and the City of Santa Monica have discovered a printing error in the Santa Monica Supplemental Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet that was sent to City of Malibu voters.

The error involves incorrect ballot position numbering of the Santa Monica-Malibu Board of Education candidates and Measure ES on the ballot.

Voters participating in the Santa Malibu-Unified School District election receive official voter information pamphlets and sample ballots from the County of Los Angeles.

Voters also received supplemental voter information material from the City of Santa Monica. The City of Santa Monica's material has the ballot numbering error.

The incorrect numbers in the City pamphlet do not match the numbers on the actual ballot.

Voters should only use the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Vote by Mail Instruction Guide or Sample Ballot to find the correct ballot position to mark their ballots for the Board of Education board member election and for the Measure ES.

In Malibu, the correct Board of Education election numbers to mark are 142 through 150.

If you have completed your ballot using the incorrect numbers, but have not yet mailed it, you may destroy that ballot and obtain another ballot either from the County or at the polls. We are working with County and State officials to determine the options for processing any ballots which may have been completed using the wrong numbers.

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