Report Santa Monica Lost Property, Graffiti Online To Police Department

Monday, 22 Oct 2012, 2:59:00 AM

Brenton Garen

Do you need to report lost property, graffiti, or other forms of vandalism?

The Santa Monica Police Department now accepts online reporting of these incidents, which eliminates the need to go to the Public Safety Facility or spend time completing the report via the telephone.

Reports are accepted online only under the following conditions:

-- The suspect was not seen or cannot be described.

-- There is no physical evidence to be examined or collected, such as fingerprints or DNA.

-- The incident occurred or the property was lost within the Santa Monica city limits.

After completing the report online, a report number will be provided and the report will be forwarded for review. If the report requires further information, a Community Service Officer will attempt to contact the reporting party to discuss other options for completing the report.

If the report can be accepted, and if the reporting party provides their e-mail address in the designated area, an official copy of the final report will be automatically e-mailed to the reporting party within approximately three business days, at no cost.

Reports may be filed online at

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