Santa Monica Pot Ordinance Is An Insult To Residents: Letter To The Editor

Friday, 28 Sep 2012, 11:00:00 PM

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

The moratorium which the City Council is to consider October 2 is so restrictive and baseless that it is an insult to the residents of Santa Monica. The City finally made available the proposed ordinance Thursday afternoon. Now we know why it was kept a secret.

First, the moratorium would make it unlawful for even a single individual to grow their own marijuana anywhere except for within their own home. If a person wanted to grow in, for example, an office, studio, warehouse, shed or even on a vacant lot this would be a crime. Even LA's recent failed ban did not try such a bizarre thing. This is so out of touch with California's medical marijuana laws and the sentiments of Santa Monicans that it is an insult to us all.

A read of the information released by the City Thursday also reveals its intent not to write rules ever permitting dispensaries. The City Attorney has advised the Council that the 45 day moratorium can be extended for years without any further involvement by residents. Also revealed is the City's false claim that it cannot write rules for dispensaries until the federal government conforms to State law regarding medical marijuana. Are we really to believe that Santa Monica cannot do what West Hollywood, Malibu and countless other cities have done? The City will forever trample on Santa Monicans' rights if it has its way.

Some Councilmembers may not agree with the moratorium. They should be thanked for caring about Santa Monicans. Other Councilmembers will vote for the moratorium. They should be remembered when we all vote in November.

Richard McDonald

Santa Monica

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