Santa Monicans For Responsible Growth Endorse McKinnon, Winterer

Monday, 24 Sep 2012, 3:35:00 AM

Mirror Staff

The Santa Monica City Council campaigns of Richard McKinnon and Ted Winterer have received a boost after Santa Monicans for Responsible Growth (SMRG) announced its endorsement of the two current Santa Monica Planning Commissioners.

Ivan Perkins, Chair of SMRG, said the organization was established to support candidates who “will ensure that new development is truly in residents’ best interests, in terms of the livability and atmosphere of Santa Monica.”

“The members of SMRG believe that Richard McKinnon and Ted Winterer are the candidates who most closely share our concerns about the ways that major new developments can negatively impact traffic, parking, aesthetics, the character of neighborhoods, and the economic vibrancy of the City,” Perkins said.

The endorsement committee evaluated candidates based on their answers to a questionnaire and/or interviews with them about development, their vision for the City, and their priorities in office.

The five candidates who neither filled out the questionnaire nor interviewed with SMRG were evaluated based on what committee members knew of them through the media and public forums.

Carla Finnerman, a member of SMRG, said McKinnon and Winterer were most closely aligned with SMRG’s values of livability and sustainability.

“We were impressed by Ted Winterer’s and Richard McKinnon’s depth of experience, leadership, and their commitment to the livability of Santa Monica’s neighborhoods,” Finnerman said. “We are looking forward to helping ensure that they become the next new members of the Santa Monica City Council.”

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