SHOREbar Opens With Gangster Drinks In Santa Monica

Thursday, 7 Jun 2012, 1:12:00 AM

Roger Morante

Mauricio Ortega crafts a cocktail at the recently opened SHOREbar.
Photo by Roger Morante
Mauricio Ortega crafts a cocktail at the recently opened SHOREbar.

SHOREbar, a new bar located at 112 W. Channel Road in Santa Monica, brings the pitching woo of Malibu and Boston inside the vicinity of Santa Monica adding a twist with white ‘30s décor and gangster styled throwbacks of signature sours, aromatics, and classical drink cocktails.

The cocktails are crafted by mixologist Vincenzo Marianella who visits the Wednesday Farmers Markets to find the freshest ingredients and garnishes.

For a little giggle juice, try the Sycamore that consists of crushed ice and Pisco (grape brandy) shaken inside a large 28 oz. Boston shaker with Crème de Framboise (raspberry liquer) and then balanced with some fresh lime wedges and crushed raspberries.

The Jojo, a sour and soon to be favorite, has subtle light undertones of strawberries and prosecco to balance out its Kettle One Vodka, St-Germain, and lemon juice.

A sultry pink drink with a twist can be found in the Campanula Shore; a drink that combines Finlandia grapefruit vodka with St-Germain, fresh lemon juice, mint leaves, and a sliced red bell pepper mug that results in a beautiful spill of flavor and taste that will have you coming back for more.

The Ok Koral drink is made of Rhum Clement, Appleton extra Jamaican rum, Velvet Falernum, passion fruit puree, organic mango, and some fresh cracked jalapeno wheels, and is un-muddled.

But if the goal is to find a good hard-fisted drink, put some sugar down on the signature aromatic Brown Sugar hooch.

It’s a mixture of buffalo trace bourbon, Appleton extra Jamaican rum and a sugar cube soaked in Jerry Thomas bitter with some Fernet Branca on the rocks.

For more information, call 310.429.1851.

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