Santa Monica-Based Advertising Agency Splits From Long-Term Client eHarmony

Friday, 24 Feb 2012, 5:40:00 AM

Mirror Staff

Santa Monica-based advertising agency DW+H has split from long-term client eHarmony after a decade of success.

DW+H helped taking the dating site from 0 percent brand recognition to 95 percent in under 10 years.

Top executives at both companies emphasize that it’s an amicable breakup.

“Being a part of the eHarmony family over the last decade has been mutually fulfilling,” said Lucas Donat, CEO of DW+H. “Not only has eHarmony experienced abundant success, but people can also be proud of meeting their significant others online now – a statement that wasn’t true when we started working with the company 10 years ago.”

When DW+H began working with eHarmony in 2002, online dating sites were considered taboo, not quite legitimate, even tacky. By creating a breakthrough campaign featuring couples who met through eHarmony, DW+H’s poignant ads resonated with romantics across the nation. The response was immediate and continued to grow as the campaign matured.

Today DW+H has transformed eHarmony and the idea of online dating into a trusted resource. More than 500 Americans are married everyday thanks to eHarmony -- that’s 5 percent of American marriages, according to the company.

The financial success at eHarmony is just as impressive as the marital. This startup that was once earning only $2 million a year in revenues currently boasts an estimated $250 million in revenue annually and has 33 million registered users.

The advertising work for eHarmony has been so iconic that it has spawned more than a thousand spoofs on the internet. And with its last campaign currently airing nationally, DW+H is striking a responsive chord in singles everywhere. Early indications reveal it’s another hit for the creative and well respected Los Angeles agency.

“As we move into the next 10 years, we will continue to be mission-based and create positive change for our clients and their consumers. We wish everyone at eHarmony only the best with their new partner,” said Donat.

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