A Guide To DIY Weddings

Saturday, 7 Jan 2012, 12:35:00 AM

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A DIY wedding can be a great experience, and one that also saves money that you will then be able to use on an incredible honeymoon.
A DIY wedding can be a great experience, and one that also saves money that you will then be able to use on an incredible honeymoon.

Paula Rice

A wedding is a very personal occasion and quite possibly one of the biggest events in your life. Because it is unique to you, the DIY option may be the best way to get exactly what you want without the risk of miscommunication over your desires for your special day. This brief guide to a DIY wedding should help you decide if this is a task you want to take on. If so, there are many things you can do to make your wedding unique to you.

Every bride’s first thoughts gravitate towards her wedding gown. While the DIY bride may not have any desire, or talent, to design and make her own wedding gown, there are sites online where she can choose what type of dress best suits her body type. Doing such research before hitting the stores for your wedding dress can give you a head start on knowing exactly what you want.

Choosing a theme for your wedding is the foundation upon which your entire wedding is built. Before you can begin to choose wedding favors or even invitations, you must decide on the type of wedding you will have. Will you opt for a destination wedding on a Caribbean island or a traditional church wedding? Once you know where your wedding will be held, you can move on to the next crucial steps.

Invitations should match the tone of your wedding. So, if your wedding will be on the beach in Maui, your DIY wedding invitations could be printed from your home computer on shell shaped card stock paper. DIY wedding invitations do not have to be a chore. The task can actually be fun, choosing paper styles and print techniques, etc. If your guest list is small and you’ve got an artistic hand, you could handwrite your wedding invitations in calligraphy for a personal touch.

For Bridesmaid’s and Groomsmen’s gifts, the DIY wedding couple can opt for special days spent together instead of traditional gifts that will eventually be forgotten. Memories are far more precious than anything else you can give. The bride could take her closest gal pals to the spa for a day of pampering; the groom can hit the golf course or head to the courts to sweat it out with his buddies.

Decorating for your DIY wedding ceremony and reception is of course high on your list of priorities. It is essential that you keep in mind that you have the ability to create absolutely stunning wedding decorations such as DIY centerpieces and reception décor without stress or high expense. Making your own centerpieces for your wedding reception can be stress free if you perform necessary research first, and begin experimenting with design ideas far before you need to. Find out which flowers are in season during the month of your wedding, and then work those into centerpiece ideas.

When designing your DIY centerpieces, take into account how many you will be making, as this will guide you in terms of how creative you can be.

A DIY wedding can be a great experience, and one that also saves money that you will then be able to use on an incredible honeymoon!

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Editor's Note

The City of Santa Monica does not issue permits for wedding ceremonies at Santa Monica State Beach or Palisades Park. The rule is first-come, first-serve to each location and you must have less than 150 participants on site. Smaller weddings are more suitable to Palisades Park due to its narrow configuration, high level of daily use and limited parking. At each site, users must obey all beach and park laws.


• Tables, chairs, runners, and small archways.

• Canopies under 400 square feet

• Stages under 30” high

• Amplified sound between 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

We do ask that you be considerate of neighbors and other park/beach visitors. Sound is subject to the noise ordinance and Santa Monica Police can ask the sound to be turned down or off if complaints are received from the surrounding public.

• Generators are not recommended. If a generator is a must, it needs to be battery powered.

Not Okay:

• Structures that would require Building and Safety Permits or Fire Permits

• Tents with side panels

• Vehicles on park turf or pathways, sand, bike path, or Ocean Front Walk

• Staking anything into turf or attaching anything to trees, shrubs, facilities, and other amenities

• Blocking sidewalks or pedestrian pathways

• Fires, cooking, alcohol, glass containers, and smoking

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Santa Monica Community & Cultural Services Department at 310.458.8573.

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