Salesian Blasts Mariners

St. Monica Falls Hard On Senior Night

Monday, 31 Oct 2011, 6:59:00 AM

Spencer Lee

Video by Spencer Lee
The Salesian Mustangs handed the St. Monica Mariners their first Santa Fe League loss in convincing fashion, 51-3, on Saturday night.

With five touchdown passes and four to wide receiver Marquis Ware, Salesian quarterback Jihad Vercher single-handedly torched the St. Monica Mariners 51-3 on Saturday night.

The Mustangs forced three turnovers and held St. Monica's running game in check for four quarters while Salesian's run-pass balance kept the Mariners on their heels defensively.

This was St. Monica's first loss in the Santa Fe League and they fall to 5-3 overall while Salesian's undefeated league record puts them in the driver's seat for the league title. Mariners will play Bellarmine-Jefferson next Saturday night in North Hollywood.

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