Invest In Fire Safety Initiatives For Your Home

Thursday, 20 Oct 2011, 6:15:00 AM

Special To The Mirror

By Simon Farahdel

In this economy, homeowners face a variety of economic challenges. Rather than succumb to falling real estate prices and uncertainty, there is an alternative: investments in fire safety, plans that upgrade a home’s value while protecting the property – and lives – of the people who are dearest to us.

This decision, which complements a recent state law requiring the installation of sprinklers and other fire safety equipment for newly expanded homes, is an affordable but effective way to immediately upgrade a residence.

Homeowners throughout Santa Monica and Los Angeles already endorse this idea, based on the state of the real estate market and the importance of making personal safety a top priority.

Please note: fire safety equipment refers to, among other things, the installation and maintenance of sprinklers, not smoke detectors.

The latter are often unreliable – by detecting everything, including burnt toast, they detect nothing – and insufficient in the midst of a flash fire or sudden calamity.

The new law mandates, instead, the use of more sophisticated equipment with a proven record of success for both residential and commercial clients.

On a personal level, my efforts on behalf of American Fire Protection Systems, Inc. allow me to appreciate the necessity of this legislation as something more than another form of compliance.

For no home is immune from the potentially devastating effects of a sudden fire, worsened by significant financial losses or even permanent injury or death. In these circumstances, homeowners need to think about how they can mitigate or eliminate this risk.

And yet, the installation of fire safety equipment is not simply a matter for homeowners in the midst of a renovation or expansion. Many residents of Santa Monica recognize that their own protection starts with a serious inventory of the options necessary to achieve this goal.

Meaning: fire safety is no longer an afterthought or discretionary purchase; it is the principal means of distinguishing one property from another, while preserving the natural beauty of a home.

With a basic investment in concealed sprinklers and regular maintenance, local homeowners can fulfill both their legal responsibilities and their interests in safety.

The lasting worth of this decision gives residents some much needed peace of mind, particularly during these otherwise difficult times.

Finally, some additional advice for homeowners: always work with certified, credible fire safety professionals.

This topic is too important to be the plaything of inexperienced or unqualified technicians. With this understanding and an emphasis on results, homeowners have a new way to succeed.

Safety is their path to new found protection and growth.

Simon Farahdel is president of American Fire Protection Systems, Inc. For more information, visit or call 888.570.8828.

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