Vikings Beat Foothill 12-6

SaMoHi Tennis Moves On In CIF Tourney

Thursday, 19 May 2011, 6:54:00 AM

Spencer Lee

Video by Spencer Lee
Samohi clinched a spot in the CIF Boys' Tennis Semifinals on Wednesday.

SANTA MONICA - The SaMoHi Vikings were up 8-4 after two rounds of tennis on Wednesday. But a strong showing in round three shut the door on the Foothill Knights 12-6.

The Vikings had no answer for 14-year-old Stefan Doehler, who won against all three of SaMoHi's singles players.

But SaMo's doubles team of Zach Resnick and Alex Baetigg countered Doehler with three wins of their own at No. 1 doubles to aide in the quarterfinal victory.

SaMoHi will face Arcadia in the CIF Semifinals on Tuesday, May 24. The location will be determined by a coin flip.



Connor Treacy (SaMoHi) def. Jonathan Huang 6-2; def. Andrew Forbey 6-0.

Cristobal Rivera (SaMoHi) def. J. Huang 6-2; def. Forbey 6-0.

Conrad McKinnon (SaMoHi) def. J. Huang 6-4; def. Forbey 6-0.

Stefan Doehler (Foothill) def. Treacy 6-2; def. Rivera 6-1; def. McKinnon 6-1.


Zach Resnick/Alex Baetigg (SaMoHi) def. Lukas McGlassen/Nathan Richardson 6-2; def. Jaime Soliz/Greg Chen 6-2; def. Andrew Huang/Jake Dickson 6-2.

Ben Gelfand/Peter Harding (SaMoHi) def. McGlassen/Richardson 7-5; def. A. Huang/Dickson 6-1.

Brett Friedland/Justin Sardo (SaMoHi) def. A. Huang/Dickson 6-2.

McGlassen/Richardson (Foothill) def. Friedland/Kellogg Adams 6-4

Soliz/Chen (Foothill) def. Gelfand/Harding 6-4; def. Friedland/Sardo 6-0.

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