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Jacaranda To Present Free Pre-Season Glow Event At Santa Monica Pier Carousel

Posted Sep. 26, 2013, 8:36 am

Mirror Staff

Jacaranda, the classical music series known for rarely heard, new and modern music, will celebrate its 10th anniversary pre-season launch as part of Glow in Santa Monica this Saturday night.

Jacaranda will present a carousel ride, “The Rest is Noise” during the Glow art event at the carousel on the Santa Monica Pier.

Created by Jacaranda artistic director Patrick Scott, this musical experience, highly emblematic of Jacaranda’s signature style and reach, will surround riders on the city’s carousel with a sequence of excerpted, influential 20th-century premieres, from the most thrilling 12 seconds of Gustav Mahler's Fourth Symphony (1901), to an exclamation point from Sofia Gubaidulina (2000). 

The free nighttime ride through 20th-century music on Santa Monica’s storied merry-go-round, is based on the bestselling-book by “The New Yorker” music critic Alex Ross titled “The Rest is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century.”

With 16 speakers and lighting effects, the ride will allow participants, on painted-ponies and chariots, to experience a century of music history: excerpts from 25 key works by 25 visionary composers (full list on the website below).

Ross’ prize-winning book grew out of his landmark blog, The Rest is Noise, and also inspired an ambitious yearlong festival featuring live performances of symphonies, operas and chamber works now underway at London’s renowned Southbank Centre arts complex.

“The Rest is Noise” carousel ride will include a multifaceted educational component accessed by smart phones. 

The ride will run the entire duration of the glow event from 7 pm to 3 am on Sept. 28.

For information visit or call 213.483.0216.

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