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Eighth Annual Santa Monica Teen Film Festival To Return June 1, 2

Posted May. 19, 2013, 9:33 am

Mirror Staff

The 8th Annual Santa Monica Teen Film Festival will present two free screenings showing a different lineup of films each day next month.

The first day will be on Saturday, June 1 at 7 pm at the Miles Memorial Playhouse, 1130 Lincoln Boulevard, Santa Monica, for ages 13 and up.

The second day will be on Sunday, June 2, at 2 pm at the Main Library - Martin Luther King, Jr. Auditorium, 601 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, for all ages.

Whether you are a filmmaker or just like watching films, all are invited to enjoy an evening and afternoon out at the movies.

These free screenings will showcase 44 selected films from a total of more than 325 entries from around the globe.

In fact, with entries from as far away as Hong Kong, India, and London – combined with those from across the USA and Santa Monica, these films will provide a unique glimpse into the creativity of our young people.

Each screening presents a different program of films, covering a wide array of genres including live action, animation, experimental, and documentary.

Films vary in length from one to 20 minutes.

At the end of each screening session, the audience will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite for the “Audience Choice” award.

In addition to the “Audience Choice” award, films are given other awards adjudicated by a panel of industry professionals and teenagers.

The final awards ceremony will take place at the closing of the second film screening on Sunday, June 2 at the Santa Monica Main Library.

Award categories include “Best of the Fest”, “Best Documentary”, “Best Animation”, “Best Music Video”, “Best Live Action,” and the “Green Choice Award,” which recognizes the film that best portrays the spirit of environmentalism.

There is also a Santa Monica Budding Filmmaker award, which goes to a local teen who displays the talent and passion for a future filmmaking career. Prizes include gift certificates, trophies and networking opportunities with industry professionals.

The Santa Monica Teen Film Festival is an interdepartmental initiative between the Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division, the Santa Monica Public Library, City TV, and the Virginia Avenue Park Teen Center.

Its purpose is to showcase and provide an outlet for the creative talents of teen filmmakers, as well as encourage youth to use the art of filmmaking as a form of creative expression and commentary on the world in which they live.

For more information about the film festival, or to make a reservation, e-mail or call Justin Yoffe at 310.458.8634.  

Visit and Like the festival on Facebook at

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