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Seven Days, Music, Santa Monica

CAGE 100 Festival Begins Thursday With Events Across Santa Monica

Posted Sep. 2, 2012, 11:00 pm

Mirror Staff

Jacaranda, music at the edge, presents a pre-season CAGE 100 Festival to celebrate John Cage’s 100th birthday with a four-day festival in four Santa Monica venues, Sept. 6-9.

Cage spent his young adulthood in Santa Monica and debuted his earliest music at the Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club.

Festival highlights: First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica: lecture about the famous composer’s roots and concert; Miles Playhouse in Reed Park: free 24-hour concert by 32 pianists; Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club: world premiere of “The Ten Thousand Things” at the venue where Cage’s career began 1932; the Annenberg Beach House: free admission for beguiling matinee music.

For information or to purchase tickets go to or call 213.483.0216.

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