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Wear Make Up For Working Out Or Errands? I Say Yes!

Barbara Bishop, Columnist
Santa Monica Mirror Archives
Barbara Bishop, Columnist

Posted Jan. 30, 2014, 8:31 am

Barbara Bishop / Hot Flash Columnist

Several months ago, I was at my weight trainer’s studio, finished with my workout, and ran into his next client. We exchanged a quick smile and a hello, and went about our day. Months later, my trainer referred me to this same client who was looking for some PR help. We got the account, and I met her again; this time more formally.

After talking for a while, she said, “Wow, you look so different with makeup on!” comparing me to the time she saw me without makeup after my work out. Nice.  

I thought about the old adage that my mom used to talk to me about on a weekly basis. “Make sure you have nice underwear on, in case you get in an accident!” Or, “Make sure you look your best at all times – you never know who you’re going to run into!”  

It’s funny. The times that you think you won’t run into anyone are the times you do run into people you know. Like the time I needed to return something at Bloomingdales.

I just finished my group treadmill class, had no makeup on, my hair was matted down from sweating, and I was wearing my $5 Target Hanes sweat shirt and sweat pants with my 99 Cent Store flip flops. I turned the corner, and almost physically bumped into my client, the manager of a very prominent cancer clinic. I don’t think she recognized me until I said hello to her. Awesome.

Just last week, I walked my Maltese, Zoey, around my block at 6:45 am, thinking no one would be up so early on a Saturday. With a cup of coffee, no makeup, a bed-head, PJs and a robe, I ran into more of my neighbors than I normally do when I walk her at my regular time. A little embarrassing.  

When I was in my 20s and 30s, I threw on my bathing suit, a little mascara and lip-gloss and lived that way all summer. I naturally glowed. Now in my 50s, glowing takes a little more work, but it can be achieved. First the basics, of which I always adhere to, before working out, doing errands and now, before walking the dog. Zoey will have to wait just a little longer before taking her morning pee-pee.

Shower. Brush teeth. Put on clean sweats. Wear a bra. Check for holes in sweats. (The other day, while working out, I discovered that Zoey chewed a hole in a very strategic place. Put a little damper on my work out). Find matching socks and check for holes. Put on deodorant. Get rid of the bed head. Wear a tinted sunscreen and light lip-gloss. Whew! But wait, there’s more.

I consulted my friend and makeup artist about achieving that natural, youthful glow. His recipe: Get at least eight hours of sleep. Wash your face every night before bed and wear a good moisturizer and eye cream while you sleep, to minimize wrinkles. Upon rising, wash face again, use a toner to minimize pores, put on moisturizer and eye cream.  

Then for the extra “glow,” use a few drops of a high-quality mineral oil before putting on a tinted moisturizer. Then apply a neutral eye shadow palette, followed by mascara.  Also, use a creamy cheekbone highlighter, before or after brushing on soft, neutral-color blush. Seal it all with a dollop of powder and a light lip-gloss and you are set for the day!  

Sounds like a lot of work. About 15 minutes more work. But it does look much nicer. After all, you never know who you might run into! I learned my lesson. Mom is always right!

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Barbara Bishop is President of Santa Monica-based BBPR, Inc. For comments or suggestions, email

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