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Vikings Sarah Garcia winds up for a pitch in the CIF Championship game against Hemet at UCI in Irvine Saturday afternoon.
Photo by Wendy Perl
Vikings Sarah Garcia winds up for a pitch in the CIF Championship game against Hemet at UCI in Irvine Saturday afternoon.

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Vikings Place Second After CIF Softball Championship Loss To Hemet 16-2

Vikings Season Ends After Strong Playoff Showing

Posted Jun. 2, 2013, 6:11 pm

Roger Morante / Sports Editor

Santa Monica High School (20-11) lost a tough CIF Division IV Championship game to Hemet (27-5) at the University of California Irvine in Irvine Saturday afternoon.

Samohi's Annie Quinn scored the Vikings first run of the game after slapping a triple before being batted in to make the game 1-0 while Vikings starting pitcher Whitney Jones held her ground in the first two innings to keep the Vikings in the lead.

But in the third inning, the Bulldogs unleashed their offense and rounded the bases racking up seven runs off of eight hits.

Samohi responded when Sara Garcia hit a home run in the bottom of the third inning to bring the Vikings within five runs at 7-2.

The Vikings Carly Condon capitalized on the momentum shift hitting a double soon after, but that was all the damage Samohi could muster in the inning.

Garcia was moved from shortstop to pitcher relieving Jones in the fourth inning, but the onslaught from the Hemet offense was not to be denied and more runs trickled in.  

In the sixth inning, the Bulldogs went on another rampage biting off another huge cluster of runs eliminating any chance of a Vikings comeback and sealing the win.

With the loss, the Vikings lay claim to second place in CIF Division IV after a highly successful 2013 softball season .

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Jun. 3, 2013, 7:46:20 am

Penn Jones said...

Kudos to SAMO softball and their excellent season by extending their Ocean League dominance and playoff run to the CIF finals. In route, they beat the three college bound pitchers and the outperformed the #1 and #4 seeds on the road. Thanks to Coach Skaggs and her staff for getting this team primed for the playoffs!

Jun. 11, 2013, 4:35:28 pm

VikingsFan said...

Samohi had a very easy road to the championship cif game the level of competition was not there. It was even more apparent after seeing the game and final score of 16-2. (not a championship game score) Coaching staff did not prepare the team for the type of game Hemet played!

Jun. 12, 2013, 5:20:32 pm

Fabian Padilla said...

To the jealous wanna be Viking Fan You obviously do not know competitive talent when you see it. My daughter has played ASA, USSSA, Premier Girls Softball Travel Softball with top ranked teams with many teammates receiving Division 1 Scholarships at a very competitive level. I have coached and watched many years and many games to know that we faced some top notch pitching. These comments sound like they come from an upset parent or player that did not see much action. The Lady Vikings fielded the best team they could with the player we have and we have some good ones and put it all together and the right time. The played flawless ball during the CIF CHAMPIONSHIP RUN and YES THEY WERE THERE!!! Don't hate, work harder because, Si SE Puede!!! It takes hard work and dedication. WORK AND PLAY HEART!!! My props to the coaches for being able to put the players in the right spot. My props to the players for balling up, you deserve to be proud. All contributed in one way or another. It was a total TEAM EFFORT... Together Each Accomplish More = TEAM PROUD DAD, VIKING FAN AND COACH AT ONE TIME OF A GOOD NUMBER OF THE PLAYERS, Fabian E Padilla Take that to the bank.

Jun. 12, 2013, 8:08:29 pm

Sara Boss Garcia aka MVP said...

To "VikingsFan" clearly aren't one if you're gonna sit here and talk bad about our softball program. You have no respect for SAMO high if your going to sit here and say our coaching staff didn't prepare us. I would loveeee to see you do a better job than what these coaches this year did. You suck for saying all that. Feel free to comment back, but just know whatever you will be irrelevant. Our team did amazing this year and we stay hype!! I hope whoever you are, you never come to another softball game again because you are SAMO High's WORST fan!!!

Jun. 12, 2013, 10:14:02 pm

Eileen Gilbert said...

To VikingsFan; Bitterness has no place in youth sports. Debbie, Dan, Chico and John (in spirit!) did a great job with this group of girls. Hemet was a superlative team, and no one should begrudge their talent. I certainly don't. With that being said, as an employee of Santa Monica High School and the ridiculously proud aunt of one of the players, these young ladies represented their school, their community and themselves with grace and pride. They picked each other up when one might be down, they supported one another and came together as a team in the right place and at the right time. They should be proud of what they accomplished together - I know that they are. They were the definition of team. I am happy for them and proud of them. They were beaten by a better team. It's that simple, and I'm sure the girls know it. No one should belittle what they accomplished. I look forward to supporting them again next year as a true fan.

Jun. 14, 2013, 8:48:10 pm

Softball Player, Coach, and Fan said...

This is in response to "VikingsFan". Are you serious? Did you watch these young ladies play this season? I mean no disrespect...They played their hearts out! The fact that they were able to advance past the first round was a testament to their desire and ability to play as a team. So many girls stepped up and contributed during the playoffs. The young lady that had been bounced around all season and then found a spot at 3rd base at the end of the season. Wow. The young lady that played 2nd base (a freshmen I believe). Wow. The pitcher that did a fantastic job of keeping teams off balance all season despite the fact that she doesn't throw particularly hard. Wow. Marissa Padilla's clutch hitting all season. Wow. Timely hitting by Jamie Hom. Wow. Web gems by Rachel Paris. Wow. Sara Garcia...Enough said. These girls came together and played well at the right time. They earned their spot in the finals but were beat by a team that was the total package. The team from Hemet played small ball, slapped, hit for power, and were very fast. They played solid defense and had good pitching. The coaching staff at Samo are just that...Coaches. They are not miracle workers! The team and the coaching staff should be incredibly proud of their accomplishments this season. They exceeded the expectations of those of us that really know softball and watched the girls develop and perform all season long. WELL DONE!

Jun. 17, 2013, 1:20:41 pm

penn jones said...

@ alleged Viking Fan. In sports, like life, you have emotions providing incredible ups and downs. The team performed at such a high level until the game against Hemet, when the bubble burst, taking a 1 to 0 lead after two innings of happens. Just ask those professional teams, which get swept or beat in five games of a championship series or Super Bowl teams who get blown out. It happens. These girls and Coaches had an awesome run and next year year could even be better because of the foundation set this year by the seniors, coupled with the play of the underclassman and what is in the pipeline. SAMO softball will press on to even greater heights in '14!

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