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Santa Monica Little Leagues Announce 2010 All Stars

Posted Jun. 11, 2010, 6:15 pm

John Solberg

Santa Monica East and West Little Leagues begin play next week in the California District 25 All Star tournament. SMLL is the host league for the 9/10 division and 10/11 division tournaments, which will be held at Memorial Park beginning June 26. The 11/12-year-old division D-25 All Stars tourney will be held at the West LA LL fields, and the 13/14 Juniors tournament will take place at North Venice. The 15/16 Seniors team will be announced at the end of the month. Steven Cerasale and Unisource Discovery are the chief sponsor of the 2010 SMLL All Star teams.

Manager: Brian Corrigan Coaches: Rick Giolito, Mitch Dorf

Wesley Burton

J.P. Corrigan

Nicholas Chun

Colin Chun

Max Dorf

Jonathan Dove

Michael Finkelstein

Casey Giolito

Brandon Iglesias

Griffin James

Keve Kemper

Stanley Morris

Grant Smith

Andres Vasquez

Santa Monica East LL 
9/10 All Stars

Manager: Des Bunting Coach: Penn Jones

Ryan Bunting

Romeo Patterson

Nathan Aguilera

Victor Campos

Ian Friedman

Marcus Gee

Thomas Grazer

Ryan Gridley

Owen Hallinan

Holt Jones

Jesse Lares III

Joey Recinos

Nicholas Solberg

Benjamin Terry

Santa Monica West LL 10/11 All Stars

Vaughn Barone 
Coach: Matt Steinhaus, 
Todd Dufour

Josh Klein

Dylan Groezinger

Chase Hansen

Tyler Hicks

Casey Hsieh

Kevin Keene

Nick Mastrangelo

Micah Maccoby

Justin Oshiro

Harrison Saling

Henry Schlessinger

Gavin Smith

Dylan Varady

Santa Monica East LL 10/11 All Stars

Manager: Mike Slinger Coaches: Mark Cullen, 
Kurt Clandening

Jack Bonner

Desmond Bunting

Christian Cerceda

Grant Clandening

Chad Costa

Aidan Cullen

William Johnson

Dane Morrow

Connor Reese

Ajna Revelle

Damien Rothman

Brett Schneid

Ryan Slinger

Thomas Solberg

Santa Monica West LL 11/12 All Stars

Coach: Matt Steinhaus Coaches: Sergio Gagne, 
Jeff Tenn

Zeppelin Dufour

Dax Speakman

Alberto Alaniz

Harrison Banner

Xander Carlson

Henry Felstiner

Bradley Finkelstein

Caleb Garbuio

Greg Melick

Jose Nuno

Thomas Ruff

Jesse Shapiro

Christopher Tenn

Santa Monica East LL 11/12 All Stars

Manager: Richard Krop Coaches: Tyrone Powell, 
Dan Ginsberg

Koji Avalos

Alec Dominick

Sean Farkas

Mark Fuller

Tom Fuller

Jack Ginsberg

Matthew Holt

Jonah Krop

Zachary Sinsheimer

Jackson Marcum

Sean McHugh

Lowell Schipper

Richard Zapien

Santa Monica LL 
13/14 Juniors All Stars

Manager: David Eby Coaches: Steve Miller

Eli Bieber

Zackary Dufour

Kyle Eby

Kostas Garcia

Alex Gironda

Denicio Gonzalez-Drake

John Luc Guzman

Jake Horowitz

Evan Miller

Keian Miller

Lucas Montanari

River Moore

Jake Speakman

Jules Stahler

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